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10 Best Military Tactical Sunglasses

Protect your eyes with sturdy and durable glasses that will last you a lifetime. Each of these military tactical sunglasses are favorites of the United States Military.

Ranked by reports from the military men themselves, these are the top ten military tactical sunglasses on the market. Known for being sturdy and durable, while still remaining lightweight and stylish, each of these glasses are perfect for people looking for a pair that will last them a lifetime filled with wear and tear, weather, and continuous usage. 

Find the pair that fits your lifestyle the best, from Oakley to Electric Visual, there is a pair of glasses meant for you. And once you're done with that, consider some of the best military tactical watches or military backpacks while you're at it. 

Charge Wrap Sunglasses by Electric Visual

With 100 percent UV protection, first on our list of the best military tactical sunglasses are the Charge Wrap Sunglasses by Electric Visual. With an extra large wraparound eight-base mold injected Grilamid frame, the glasses are scratch resistant and impact resistant. 

Including a soft case, the glasses are a great size for any head shape, and will protect the eyes from sunlight and debris. Weighing only 1.1 ounces, it is lightweight and easily transported. Plus, it has a five-barrel stainless steel optical hinge for easy application. 

Original Pilot Sunglasses by AO

Next, on our list of the best military tactical sunglasses comes from AO. Performance-tested by the US Armed Forces, they can now be used by anyone, after being issued to millions of US soldiers; marines, airmen, and sailors since the late 1950s. 

A favorite of the military, the structure is both rugged and sturdy, while remaining high quality with a classic appearance. Made with steel alloy frames, these glasses are the standard for all military men. Protect your eyes with the best, while remaining comfortable and stylish.

Sawfly Military Eyewear System Photochromic Kit by Revision

Revision's Sawfly Military Eyewear System Photochromic Kit is not just any old pair of sunglasses. It offers a frame with adjustable arms, a head strap, a microfiber pound, a case with a belt clip, a photochromic lens, and a nosepiece. Each of these features has a lot to offer for the man on the move. 

Every outdoor lover can appreciate a sunglasses kit like this, as it is a military top pick for a reason. The best feature? The photochromic lens option that allows the lenses to adjust to variable light conditions. So in low-light, extreme light, or anywhere in between, you'll be able to see crystal clear. 

Fuel Cell Polarized Lifestyle Sportswear by Oakley

The Fuel Cell Polarized Lifestyle Sportswear Military Tactical Sunglasses by Oakley are referred to as being a "union of art and technology." With a design meant to be authentic yet clear, this pair of glasses has an ultra-thin frame for comfort and easy transport. 

The frame will make contact only at the nose and the temples, for easy wear in any scenario. Plus, with metal icon accents and lens geometry, the glasses are meant to flatter anyone's face shape. 

Polarized Blue Mirror Gloss Black Tide Lens by Wiley X

One of the most unique looking glasses on our list, this pair has signature blue lenses. With a matte black frame and its polarized blue mirror lenses, the appearance is a killer, and if you're looking for more a statement-maker, this is the one for you. 

On top of looking great, it also has shatterproof lenses, UVA and UVB complete protection, and a glare-proof view. Perfect for hikers, outdoor lovers, and military men, you can protect your eyes from the sun, dust, pollen, and any other irritants during your activities. 

Native Eyewear by Eldo

A high-performance frame, these military tactical sunglasses by Eldo are made with abuse and temperature extremes in mind. A sleek and classic design met with a protective and comfortable fit, this eyewear is subtle yet sturdy. 

Including a protective case and a soft cloth, the product even has a manufacturer's warranty. And even better, the pair includes polarized lenses and a lightweight feel. A medium-sized fit, it will fit snug on the face while remaining comfortable all day long. 

Road Machine Military Sunglasses by Nike

A bit different in appearance, the Nike Road Machine's are the perfect military sunglasses. With a fun coloring of both blue and green, the frame is thin and lightweight, making for extreme comfort. 

With a custom wrap split-shield, this feature will provide minimal visual interference while also providing maximum coverage. With simple grey lenses, the optics offer precise visual views at all angles. And of course, they are easy to travel with due to their unique frame. 

Riding Goggles Tactical Glasses Hunting Military Sport Sunglasses by OBO

Next, on our list of the best military tactical sunglasses on the market are the Riding Goggles Tactical Glasses Hunting Military Sunglasses by OBO. Made for hunting, military, or sports use, these goggles are the perfect tool for those on the go constantly. 

Also unique in appearance, this lens features a gradient coloring with somewhat of a rainbow color as a result. With plastic frames and PC lenses, it is lightweight and most importantly, prevent sunlight at all angles.  

Crossbow Polarized Military Goggles by OBO

A lens with extreme coverage, this is the perfect example of a military goggle. A pair of sunglasses that are created with cutting-edge technology to provide you with the best comfort, any active person will love having these in their sunglasses collection. 

A great price and many features providing you with a sturdy shield for your eyes, this pair includes protection from glare, dust, sun, and any type of debris.

Emporio Armani Men's Sunglasses by OBO

To complete our list of the best military tactical sunglasses, we're going to end on our personal favorite. For only a little over $100, you can get this classic pair of glasses. 

Looking much like Oakley's, they provide great protection without looking like military tactical sunglasses. A sleek and clean design, you'll look stylish while protecting your eyes from any type of weather conditions. Lightweight and fashionable, you'll find comfort all day long. 

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