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10 Best Tactical Pants You Never Knew You Needed

Tactical pants are a thing—and they can be incredibly useful. Here are some awesome pairs for you to try.

Gear fans will tell you that you can make anything tactical if you try—and that tactical gear can be incredibly useful regardless of what forms it takes. 

Tactical combat boots will help you navigate all kinds of terrain comfortably. Military tactical backpacks can help you haul everything in style without worries of tears. The tactical tomahawks can be priceless tools in case of an emergency. 

Now, let's talk about tactical pants. These are rugged pants complete with tons of pockets for carrying goods and extra straps for tie-on gear. They work well as rave pants, too. Here are the top pants to carry the "tactical" label currently on the market.

Tactical Apex Pants by 5.11

Not many companies have as good a rep for ruggedness and durability as 5.11. Is it really that surprising that they ended up making some of the best tactical pants on the market? 

At first glance, the Apex Pants don't even really look like the typical baggy tactical slacks you'd expect them to be. That being said, they are Teflon-coated, made of rough canvas, and have reinforced belt loops. So, even though they might look office-appropriate, they definitely are the best all-situation pants money can buy.

Challenge Pants by GoRuck

You might already recognize GoRuck's name because of the elegant yet impressively useful tactical backpacks. You should also be acquainted with their Challenge Pants line—without a doubt, one of the best sets of tactical pants you can buy. 

These pants are lightweight, but made of two-way stretch fabric that's abrasion and stain-resistant. Each pair comes with a six-month no scar guarantee and are ideal for people who are ready to take on a Tough Mudder challenge. 

Tactical Stryke Pants by 5.11

If you loved the slick style of 5.11's Apex Pants, then you're going to love the company's best-selling style of tactical pants—the Tactical Stryke Pant. These relaxed fit pants are basically everything a tactical pair of pants should be, and then some. 

These pants are made out of stretchy ripstop fabric that breathes easily, offer a Teflon coat, and are specially designed for high action work. If you're going to be running, crawling, or digging through dirt, these pants will make sure you get out unscathed. 

Storm Covert Tactical Pants by Under Armour

Love Under Armour? Who doesn't!? This sports company has become infamous for having high quality goods that can endure just about anything that could happen on the track and field. You might not realize, though, that they make some seriously good tactical pants, too. 

The Men's Storm Covert Pants, for example, are made of hyper-durable fabric that breathes beautifully, is rip resistant, and also remains stretchy enough for crazy climbing maneuvers. 

Women's Lightweight 24-7 Tactical Pant by Tru-Spec

You didn't think that tactical pants were only made for men, did you? Tru-Spec, one of the top makers of tactical gear in the world, for example, makes one of the best pairs of pants for women who are in the military, law enforcement, or other public safety markets. 

These pants are incredibly lightweight, stain-resistant, and at the same time, flattering. Plenty of pockets are built-in just so that you can have all your gear on hand. They're pants you can rely on—and that will make you look your best while you're on the job.

Men's 24-7 Pants by Tru-Spec

Tru-Spec's 24-7 Tactical Pants are often considered to be one of the "OG's of tactical wear." YKK zippers, PRYM snaps, comfort fit waistbands, and a huge array of pockets that can carry anything from knives to cell phones make these a great choice for vets and gear aficionados alike. 

Needless to say, the ratings that Tru-Spec has been getting are a serious testament to their quality. If you're looking to spend money well, this is a pair that definitely won't let you down. 

Original Tactical Pants by Vertx

Vertx might not have as widespread a name as 5.11, GoRuck, or Under Armour, but we'd be lying if we didn't say they make some seriously impressive tactical pants. 

Their Original line of pants, for example, are designed to be very low-key while giving you all the functionality of an all-terrain, all-situation, heavy duty pair of pants. Concealed zippered pockets, beautifully made material, and special stretch waistband tech means that they will always keep you (and your valuables) in place. 

Men's Tac Life Pants by BLACKHAWK

BLACKHAWK is one of those manufacturers that really, truly understands what it means to make a good product. Their Tac Life Pants are some of the best in the market. They have Teflon Shield+ fabric, are oil-resistant, water-repellant, and stain-resistant. 

They offer a relaxed fit, a great amount of breathability, and more. Moreover, they're hyper-comfy. Once you try them on, you definitely won't want to take them off. 

Taclite Pro Pants by 5.11

Once in a while, you'll want to get a pair of pants that have a lot of the functionality of traditional tactical gear—but still remain passable in the business world. That's when Taclite Pro Pants tend to be the best possible choice you can buy. 

These affordable tactical pants are made to be breathable, secure, and at the same time, professional enough in appearance to keep people from raising an eyebrow. Double-reinforced knees, an action waistband, extra pockets, and a Teflon finish means that they will last, and last, and last

XPRT® MULTICAM® Tactical Pant by 5.11

Finally, it wouldn't be a good list of the best tactical pants on the market without at least one pair of BDUs, right? This pair of pants offers classic jungle camo print, Teflon finish fabric, reinforced knees, cargo pockets, and excellent wicking technology. 

This is one pair of high performance pants that are built for battle. You'll love them. 

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10 Best Tactical Pants You Never Knew You Needed
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