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10 Best War Podcasts for History Buffs

Do you love hearing stories about the history of combat? These war podcasts will help you get in touch with your inner historian.

A good friend of mine who experienced frontline combat once told me that nothing is quite as human as war. War is where people show their true nature—for better or for worse. War is hell, but it's also where people show their bravest moments. 

Anyone who's a military history buff knows that war makes for amazing stories. History-loving podcasters who love to tell a good tale enjoy talking about war and the wild things that can happen in the chaos of a battlefield too.

As a fan of military history, I can tell you that these war podcasts really know how to make history come alive. Give them a listen next time you want to learn about your favorite historic figures and military tales.

Revolutions by Mike Duncan

Revolutions is one of the best war podcasts ever made, and as you can guess from the name, tends to focus on revolutions that have existed throughout history.

Host Mike Duncan knows how to weave a wonderful tale and bring out humanity in times of political upheaval. You'll hear about clashes between rebels and governments, reasons behind revolutions' beginnings, and learn about the heroes that brought about change.

This epic podcast currently has over 250 episodes, each of which brings an intimate look into the world as it evolves on both a military level and political level.

Uncivil by Gimlet Media

While podcasts like Revolutions don't really zero in on any war in particular, Uncivil definitely has a particular time period associated with it. This podcast is all about the Civil War—and dispelling the idea that there was anything "civil" about it.

This 15 episode series takes a look at United States history and the lies that tend to be taught as fact in schools. After listening in, even major history buffs who have already read books about the Civil War that have made them rethink everything will have a different outlook on the American Civil War, not to mention its causes.

The History of the Crusades by Sharyn Eastaugh

The Crusades were some of the bloodiest wars ever waged, and marked an entire historic era in both Europe and the Middle East. Despite all the war that was waged, many history buffs tend to ignore this period of history.

This massive podcast has episodes that cover just about every little detail of the Crusades, all with incredible narration. Even if you think you're not a fan of this part of military history, you need to give The History of the Crusades a try.

The History of WWII by Ray Harris Jr.

World War II remains one of the most heavily studied wars in all of military history, and it makes sense why. This war had clear bad guys (Nazis) and good guys (Allies).

It had ample espionage, violent skirmishes, and human stories that involved families being torn apart. This war is one that has stories that everyone finds fascinating, even if they aren't particularly interested in military history.

The History of WWII is a great choice for people that want to listen to wild World War II stories you never read about. There's literally an episode for every interest.

Words At War by Wizzard Media

There's something innately fascinating and breathtaking about being able to listen to stories of World War II from people who lived through it. It just brings a certain level of realism that most other accounts don't have.

This podcast brings the tradition of oral storytelling to the airwaves with recounts of peoples' memories during the most notorious modern war in history. You'll be amazed at how quickly history comes alive with Words at War.

The American Military History Podcast by Justin Johnson

The United States has been around for well over 220 years, and during those two centuries, we've participated in our fair share of wars. The American Military History Podcast is dedicated to showing how America has evolved through the history of war.

Every episode will take you through a particular sliver of America's long military history. Some episodes will talk about specific battles, others about war sentiments, and even more will just talk about cool military tactics we've used in the past.

It's a little blast of patriotism, plus a nice military education. Once in a while, you even get individual soldiers' stories from the battlefield. What's not to love?

War Stories by War Stories

Do you like learning about how military tactics came to be, or how a specific invention started to change as war evolved? If so, you might enjoy War Stories.

This is one of those few war podcasts that works hard to trace back the roots of classic war tools, military tactics, and specific turning points in major wars. It's a great podcast for people who want to take on a "slice of life" in the military world.

Submarine Sea Stories By Navy Veteran Bill Nowicki

Many of the best war podcasts on the net involve stories of rugged soldiers battling away in trenches, or the fascinating tales of classic military inventions. It makes sense; most of the action is on the ground, right?  

Navy veteran Bill Nowicki wants to change that, and he's doing it by creating a hit podcast about life as a submariner in the Cold War. Submarine Sea Stories is filled with tales about living life as a seaman on a submarine—and not just from him.

Each episode has a different story, and many different narrators to choose from. It bring submarine life to the forefront in a way few other things do.

Civilianization by Josh O'Brien

At one point or another, every military service member will eventually have to leave the military—even if they loved being a fighter. The transition isn't always easy, and at times, can leave service members feeling isolated.

Many military podcasts focus on life during war, but not what happens after. Civilianization takes a look at both the "before and after" of war, providing amazing insight at life lessons we all should learn eventually.

The stories inside are tender, tough, and at times, telling, covering the best jobs for veterans or rallying around those who feel helpless after their transition back to civilian life. Oo-rah!

The Modern War Institute Podcast by The Modern War Institute at West Point

Anyone who's looking at war podcasts in hopes of enhancing their careers need to know this one. The Modern War Institute at West Point puts out its own official podcast to discuss war tactics, military life, and how to become a better leader.

Soldiers who want to get encouraging words on the battlefield will enjoy this. Even if you're not looking for a military career, listening in on what the brains at West Point say is pretty fascinating.

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