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10 Gifts That Help Support Veteran Organizations

Supporting your troops got easier than ever before thanks to gifts that help support veteran organizations.

Anyone who has been watching the national budget getting passed can tell you that veteran care is grossly underfunded. For all the work veterans do, Uncle Sam simply doesn't want to take care of them once they are out of the service.

For many veterans, this means that the resources they were promised are no longer there. As patriots, we owe it to them to support them in their time of need—and thankfully, companies are starting to pick up on that fact.

Need to buy a gift and also want to help support the troops? Try snapping up these gifts that help support veteran organizations next time you have to get a goodie for a friend.

Odor Eliminator Spray by Hero Clean

If you have a friend who is a practical gift fan, you might want to check out the line of products by Hero Clean. This company works very closely with veterans organizations that benefit both veterans and first responders.

It's true, these aren't the most glamorous gifts that help support veteran organizations; however, the cleaner works well, and your support makes it possible to keep even the most odor-prone home smelling fresh and clean.

3-Pack of Dress Socks by Boldfoot Socks

Boldfoot is a company that's become pretty well connected to the veteran community as of late, and that's for good reason. This dress sock company offers up a portion of all proceeds to organizations that help veterans once they return home.

This cozy three pack of fun socks will keep feet warm, and also help veterans in need. With their patriotic theme, it's easy to see why so many people love to buy from this company.

Anything by Oscar Mike

Oscar Mike is one of the biggest names when it comes to gifts that help support veteran organizations, primarily because it's a veteran organization that uses apparel sales to fund itself.

Every single item from Oscar Mike helps the charity support veterans and military servicemen undergo recovery from serious injuries. This brand is a favorite among military families because of the cause it supports, and they have a number of great pre-deployment gifts for military families, too. The rugged quality of the clothing is just an added perk.

Multi-Function Keychain by Snap-on

Did you know that Snap-on, the hardware company that makes awesome wrenches, also happens to be a major vet supporter? It's true. For years, Snap-on has been sending donations to the Honor Flight Network.

This foundation sends World War II veterans to Washington DC to see their memorial. If you want to give a great gift to the men and women who fought in the most difficult war, getting anything from this company—even a keychain—can help.

ZBar Chocolate Brownie Pack by Clif Bar

There's no age minimum when it comes to providing gifts that give back.  Even kids can get gifts that help support veteran organizations. You might recognize these snacks as the things family members send in care packages when they want to stay connected to their kids at camp.

A fun fact about energy bars is that they are among everyday foods that were first developed just for the military. It should be no surprise, then, that every sale of a Clif Bar product helps support a nonprofit organization called The Farmer Veteran Coalition. This coalition helps connect veterans with good farming jobs, and offers up education to help them develop or further a career in agricultural.

A One Liter Bottle of Vodka by Heroes Vodka

Heroes Vodka is a company that specializes in making delicious booze that supports a good cause. Every bottle that is sold by Heroes supports a wide range of different organizations which benefit military families, empowers veterans, or just helps remember fallen soldiers.

Drinking vodka already makes you feel good. Drinking Heroes Vodka will make you feel great about your ability to give back.

A Tool Kit by Home Depot

If you have a veteran friend who can't get enough of home improvement projects, you already know that some of the best gifts for veterans they'll actually love are new home improvement toys. This store has everything related to construction and honey-do lists!

A portion of all of Home Depot's profits go to military organizations that support the troops. With the sheer number of gift cards, painting supplies, and accessories that they have in stock, you can be assured that any gift from Home Depot will be a great gift that helps support veteran organizations across the country. They are also a very military-friendly employer.

Bottle of Bourbon by Merica Bourbon

This isn't just a gift that helps support vet organizations; this is a gift that is actually made by servicemen! Merica Bourbon, which is headed out of Texas, was established by a group of veterans who wanted to make money, be patriotic, and maybe have a good time, too!

If that doesn't add a little "oo-rah!" to your sipping style, I don't know what to tell you.

FLCL Haruko Figure by Funko POP!

Apparently, just about any vinyl figure from Funko can rank among fun gifts that help support veteran organizations—or at least organizations linked to the United States military world. This company is one of many that donates to Toys for Tots.

If you're curious, Toys for Tots is a program that was started by the Marine Corps to give toys to children who can't afford them. Many of those kids come from disadvantaged circumstances, abuse shelters, or military families. Helping those children will give soldiers overseas a little peace of mind.

Chenille Throw Blanked by Pier 1 Imports

This cozy throw blanket looks beautiful and feels amazing, but it also is one of the many gifts that help support veteran organizations you can buy from Pier 1 Imports. The classic, eclectic furniture and home goods store has long been a supporter of veteran charities.

Generally speaking, anyone who is looking for a special gift that supports vets should get something from Pier 1 during the holiday season. It's a quick way to make sure your money goes to the right people.

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10 Gifts That Help Support Veteran Organizations
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