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11 Best Military Tactical Watches

You can count on the best military tactical watches to get you through any type of weather, altitude, terrain, or compromising condition.

From military personnel to law enforcement, first responders, or just nature lovers, the need for a sturdy, versatile, and operational watch is a must. We have come up with a list of the most durable military tactical watches on the market. 

From the brands of Luminox and SMAEL, to Marathon and G-Shock, each of these watches has been created with the military men and women in mind. You deserve an upgrade on your wristwear, so why not start with one that you can wear virtually anywhere you please?

44mm Navy SEAL 3080 Series Colormark Chronograph Watch by Luminox

Let's start our list of the best military tactical watches with a luxurious one. From the Navy Seal 3080 Series, this watch by Luminox is reinforced with a 44mm polycarbonate case on the front and back of the product, for any expected wear and tear. 

With fiberglass and tempered mineral crystal, the watch is scratch-resistant. With illuminated hands and hour markers, you can see the face of the watch no matter the light in the sky. And with its water resistance up to 20 ATM, you can take this beauty in a rain shower with you as much as you want. 

Men's A.8831.KM Recon Analog Display Quartz Black Watch by Luminox

An incredibly sturdy military watch, the A.8831.KM Recon Analog Display Quartz Black Watch by Luminox is tough enough for any soldier. Reinforced with a carbon PC case, the straps are rubber and super comfortable. 

Created with sapphire crystal, who could say no to crystal? Water-resistant up to 200 meters, you can take this swimming if you please. And last but not least, the luminescent marks allow the watch to have a night vision. 

Men's Sports Analog Digital Wrist Watch Dual Quartz Movement Military Time Water Resistant with Backlight by SMAEL

Next, on our list of the most impressive military tactical watches on the market comes from SMAEL. With an analog-digital display, you will be able to set multiple time zones with ease. 

On military time, the watch has an authentic tactical appearance. Reinforced with a resin band design, the band is comfortable to wear and more ergonomic. Water resistant up to 165 feet, outdoor activities and weather conditions are no match to this durable watch.  

Core Altimeter Watch by Suunto

Suunto's Core Altimeter Watch is yet another one of the best military tactical watches. A medium ground price at just over $150, the watch will track your verticle movement with a barometer. 

Tracking the weather and sunlight for you, the watch has a core tracker for this important information. Also included are a compass and altimeter. The time will display the ascent or descent, records, and current elevation. And best of all, the Suunto will alert you if a storm is sensed by a drop in air pressure of approaching storm. 

'SEA' Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Casual Watch by Luminox

Much more expensive than our last watch, our next Luminox watch is worth over $500. This 'SEA' Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Casual Watch is made with a brushed stainless steel case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. 

Water resistant up to 660 feet, swim with this watch with ease, and still look flawless once your workout is over. Suitable for marine work, the watch is great for surface water sporting, but might not be the best for divers. 

Men's 41mm Expedition® Full-Size Digital CAT Watch with Green Nylon Strap by Timex

One of the sportiest looking military tactical watches on our list, the Timex Men's Expedition Full-Size Digital CAT Watch allows you to complete any outdoor activity with ease. Lightweight and comfortable, the watch is designed with a resin case and nylon strap. 

Swim, work out, go on a hike, whatever you want, this watch can take it. And best of all, it's only $36. 

Men's Analog-Digital Mudmaster Army Green Resin Strap 56x55mm GG1000-1A3 by G-Shock

A compass, thermometer, time, and heavy duty body, the Men's Analog-Digital Mudmaster by G-Shock is the ultimate army wristwatch. With an Army green resin strap, the watch is comfortable and versatile. Water-resistant to 200 meters, this isn't where the watch draws the line when it comes to weather condition-resistance. 

It is also shock-resistant, mud-resistant, and provides an auto LED light for low lit situations. Plus, four daily alarms, a stopwatch, and countdown timer are all provided. 

Military Type III Class 1 Navigator Watch by Marathon

The Military Type III Class 1 Navigator Watch by Marathon is certainly interesting in appearance. A unique look, but a sturdy and versatile build, this watch will last you years. Intended to be used at high altitudes, this is a great watch for hike fanatics

An extremely accurate watch that is built with strength, the build of the watch is meant to meet strict military specifications. With a nylon band, it will fit comfortably yet snug on the wrist, and never look too flashy with its black dial color. 

Tactix Bravo Multi-Sport Training GPS Watch by Garmin

Definitely one of our most expensive options on the list, the Tactix Bravo Multi-Sport Training GPS Watch by Garmin goes for almost $600. As one of the best military tactical watches, it has a new ruggedized design with water resistance up to 328 feet. A three-week battery life and a dual display mode, this watch not only provides a compass, but also an altimeter and barometer. With a built-in EXO Antenna and heart rate monitor compatibility, what more could you ask for from one single military watch? 

Rangeman GW9400-3 AS MB6 Twin Sensor Wristwatch by Casio

The Rangeman GW9400-3 AS MB6 Twin Sensor Wristwatch by Casio will work in any extreme circumstances, especially for those in the military. 

With shock and mud-resistance, the watch has an auto LED light, world time options, four daily alarms, and a stopwatch. And did we forget to mention that it has a digital compass, thermometer, and bearing memory? Plus, a one-year limited warranty is always offered.  

Men's Pathfinder Tough Solar Triple Sensor Digital Chronograph Watch by Casio

Casio Men's Pathfinder Tough Solar Triple Sensor Digital Chronograph Watch - PAG240-1
Watches at Kohl's - Shop our full selection of watches, including this Casio watch, at

Another great watch by Casio, this product will complete our list of the best military tactical watches on the market. With a very intricate design, you've got all can ask for from a watch and more in one convenient space on your wrist. 

Durable, function, and high quality, this watch is perfect for fishing, hiking, hunting, you name it. The perfect summer outdoor watch, you will be provided with a barometer, thermometer, sunset and sunrise date, and a digital compass with 16 directions. 

Plus, it's solar powered, water-resistant, has a countdown timer, and works well even if freezing temperatures. 

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