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A Christmas Surprise

When the Unexpected Happens

I'm a Canadian Military Navy spouse. My hubby-to-be has been away training for the past five months, and in that time I've seen him less than 13 days total (a day and a half at a time). Talk about a lonely life. 

I never wanted this life, but who am I to hold him back? That would just be selfish. I've dealt with a lot, faked being okay for quite some time so that he didn't see just how painful this life has become for me, etc. He is the love of my life, and whatever sacrifices I have to make to be with him, I will.

Well, I've been on a count down to when he comes home for Christmas break. I've known for about 5 weeks that December 8, he would be coming home for 29 days total. Very. Impatiently. Waiting.

I woke up at 6:30 AM on December 2 for another day of work. I run a small business and had a Christmas market to attend. The morning started like any other morning, slow, droggy, emotional (duh... I miss my man!), and lonely. As I'm mid-makeup (half of my face is currently done, my parents (who I'm staying with while hubby's away) called me downstairs to tell me there was something wrong with one of the pieces of equipment I had to take for the day. 

Come downstairs, walk into the kitchen to look at the "broken equipment" to be looking at none other than my amazing fiancé standing there. Now, I don't know if any of you have had experience with the videos on YouTube of people getting surprised or not, but as I watch those videos I always chuckled at how 'dramatic' people were with their reactions of crying, being speechless, etc... let me tell you... it happens. 

I went limp. It was like my body melted. I sobbed, and had no words. The half a face of makeup was now a full face of make-up (except completely running down my face), and was now all over his shirt. 

I now get to enjoy the next 37 days with the love of my life, and I don't think I could ever be this happy again. I don't have words. My man isn't the most romantic, thoughtful guy when it comes to that kind of stuff (or so I thought), but this made up for anything and everything that could ever have happened. 

To those of you who have your loved ones close by ALL the time, hug them a little tighter, love them a little longer, and cherish each and every moment you have together. You don't know how good you have it 💕 

For those of you who live the life of being a military spouse, I give you all the respect and love in the world. Living this life has shown me that we are so much stronger than we realize. The amount of people who haven't lived this lifestyle who make comments such as, "but hey! At least you have lots of 'me' time!" Or, "he's the one dealing with everything... suck it up" is insane. Yes, hey may absolutely be going through a tough time doing what he's doing, but he's the one that chose this AND at least he's busy most of the time to keep him distracted. I'm stuck at home alone 90% of the time with my thoughts and loneliness creeping up on me. I face all of the decisions of our home life, and all of the challenges that may pop up completely alone. So I give you military spouses a HUGE level of support and admiration.

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A Christmas Surprise
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