Aaron Loftin


My name is Aaron Loftin and I just married the love of my life. Over the honeymoon we learned that we are pregnant. I am graduating from Augusta University on August 8, 2017 with a BA in history and a minor in professional writing.

Julius Caesar and the Historiography of the Battle of Alesia
2 years ago
Many historians have said that out of his entire life time, his best military achievement in Gaul was winning the Battle of Alesia. What makes this feat extraordinary is the scale and determination of the battle’s two opposing sides, but in what way did Caesar describe the battle of Alesia? On the side of the Gallic armies, an Arverni man named Vercingetorix led a rebellion against Rome bringing many of the tribes of Gaul together in a united front. Being that Gaul was a Roman province and Juliu...