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Lover of gangster films and worried about the future of artificial intelligence.

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The 10 Best Military Biographies of All Time
2 months ago
War is hell; there is no denying the atrocities committed during a time of such insurmountable strife. Unfortunately though, war is a reality that people have had to face as long as this species has w...
10 Surprising Facts About Life in the British Military
3 months ago
The British military is one of the oldest organized group of soldiers out there. They have fought in countless wars and protected their nation valiantly against any harm or threat. Most of these soldi...
How to Become an Army Recruiter
4 months ago
The United States Army Recruiting Command's (USAREC) motto is “Provide The Strength;” and to do this, the army demands aspiring recruiters to meet set high standards before they can become an Army rec...
10 Famous Writers Who Joined the Military
5 months ago
There’s something about military service that changes a person. For that reason, it’s only natural for these men who served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps to want to write about their e...
10 Things to Know When Dating a Veteran
5 months ago
So, you just met the person of your dreams and now you’re faced with the reality of dating a veteran of the US military. Don’t fret. It can be one of the most worthwhile experiences of your life. Many...
How Common is Sexual Assault in the Military?
5 months ago
When the Department of Defense decided to track data on sexual assault in the military, they were overwhelmed with requests for the data to be made available to the public. The United States military,...