Brooke Clarke

I am from North Carolina. I grew up on a farm with lots of animals. I enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting. I am married to a US Soldier and we have 2 dogs. I love to write and do photography as well.

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Moving Tips
4 months ago
So I know we have all been there. Pulling our hair out trying to schedule movers, watching the movers pack your personal belongings, waiting what seems like FOREVER to get your household goods, come t...
Reconnecting With Your Spouse
10 months ago
We all know that marriage can take a lot of time and effort and sometimes it isn't always the most fun ride. Some people have tried marriage books and seminars but who actually has time to do all thes...
Military Wife Life
10 months ago
The morning of my husband's deployment wasn't like any other morning. The house was filled with sadness as we prepared for that night where we would say see you later and give our last kiss for nine m...