Duncan Medley

My Brothers Fall Around Me (Chpt. 3)
a year ago
CHAPTER III The roars of hypersonic engines served only to deafen their very bare-bones jump instructions. “Remember,” the Jump Captain screamed over the sounds of the engines, “the suit will do all o...
My Brothers Fall Around Me (Chpt. 2)
a year ago
CHAPTER II Within three weeks of the war officially being declared and their recovery, the three surviving men of the 288th were deemed fit for active duty again and were sent to their forward operati...
My Brothers Fall Around Me (Chpt. 1)
a year ago
“Kel-Tek troops inbound! Keep your heads down goddammit!” The roars of blaster fire kicked off the invasion of the border country Tenmar, ripping holes in many of the new recruits khaki-colored armor ...