George Nekilan

Has a vegetable garden in his backyard, 5th son out of 8 and is a sucker for chick flicks.

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Best Songs from War Movies All Soldiers Should Know
5 days ago
War movies as a whole have so much meaning behind them. Even though they're based on wars, they're also about the individual soldiers who were significantly involved in these wars. We know that going ...
How to Survive Marine Corps Basic Training
2 months ago
If you thought that getting through the Marine Corps basic training was easy, then you're wrong. There are certainly things you may not know about the US Marine Corps. Anyway, the Marine Corps is amon...
Complete Civilians Guide to Military Watches
3 months ago
How do you think those in the military view navigation, coordinate tactical maneuvers, or even estimate ranges? Built to outlast the toughest events, wether it be dirt, grime, tough climates, and even...
Most Popular Slang Terms Used in the Military
3 months ago
The use of slang is very popular, especially these days. Some people find it a better and easier way to communicate with others. Just a simple word can mean so much in slang — that's the beauty of it....