Grant Patterson

Grant is a retired law enforcement officer and native of Vancouver, BC. He has also lived in Brazil. He has written twelve books. In 2018, two of them were shortlisted for the 2018 Wattys Awards. 

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Launch on Warning: A Novella (Pt 4)
25 days ago
NOVEMBER 11 OSCAR-01 0633 HOURS LOCAL 1233 HOURS ZULU Howe rose early, his head finally feeling somewhat better. Olerud had re-bandaged it last night, and a couple of tranks had kept the guilty nightm...
Launch on Warning: A Novella (Pt 5)
a month ago
48.24.57 N 101.21.29 W 1510 HOURS LOCAL 2110 HOURS ZULU The sun was weak and low in the sky by the time they began to pass the first smashed and burned buildings on the base grounds. Howe could see th...
Launch on Warning: A Novella (Pt 3)
a month ago
48.24.57 N 101.21.29 W 1211 HOURS LOCAL 1811 HOURS ZULU Most people living in and around Minot AFB heard the sirens. Some more attentive and knowledgeable residents, like the off-duty crews, might hav...
Launch on Warning: A Novella (Pt 2)
a month ago
THE KREMLIN CONFERENCE ROOM 2035 HOURS LOCAL 1735 HOURS ZULU The old men filed out of the conference room into the hallway. Veterans of Stalin’s time, their circadian rhythms permanently shifted as a ...
'Launch on Warning': A Novella
a month ago
NOVEMBER 9 48.49.28 N 101.16.55 W 0735 HOURS LOCAL 1335 HOURS ZULU The blue pickup sped down the featureless road, past the billiard-table flat farms, full of stupefied, staring cattle, leaning agains...