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A former Division-1 QB and alt-country enthusiast

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How to Become an Air Force Pilot
a year ago
Becoming an Air Force pilot, as one writer noted, is "no easy task. [But] if you make it, you will be among the elite of the elite in the United States armed services." Elite for two reasons: the firs...
The Most Powerful Military Nations in the World in 2017
2 years ago
The most powerful military nations in the world in 2017 are determined by a number of factors, with the two most relevant being budget and active personnel. Who spends the most is a good rule of thumb...
Questions to Ask Before Joining the Air Force
2 years ago
When thinking about what military branch to enlist in, many people tend to overlook the Air Force. There are a few reasons for this, chief among them being the lack of all time great war movies dealin...
Great Pre-Deployment Gifts for Military Families
2 years ago
Going overseas is tough on the soldier and those closest to them, so celebrating them before they leave is always a great idea. Having a party and giving them some great pre-deployment gifts is a good...
Best Modern Military Movies
2 years ago
We love military movies in this country, and most would probably know that many of our classics deal with The Civil War, WWII, the Revolution, and Vietnam. Why is that? We've had plenty of modern conf...
The Worst Defeats in US Military History
2 years ago
In America, the military is a major point of pride, and we almost always come away winners in military conflicts. One of our biggest military traditions is victory. But, things happen. Poor decisions ...