Jennifer York

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Civil War Blockade Runners
9 months ago
After the firing on Fort Sumter, Abraham Lincoln's first goal was to put pressure on the Confederacy to return to the Union. In an attempt to exert economic stress on the Confederacy, President Lincol...
The Arikara War
10 months ago
This was the letter he wrote: "Dr Sir: My painful duty it is to tell you of the death of your son who befell at the hands of the Indians 2nd June in the early morning. He died a little while after he ...
The Alamo Museum
10 months ago
It's not the only one. It's just the most famous. Part of a series of six missions, the mission most commonly known as the Alamo was constructed in 1718 by Fray Antonio de Buenaventura y Olivares. In ...
Custer's Last Stand Museum
10 months ago
In the little town of Garryowen, Montana, there's a small museum with a big past. This was the site of the famed Battle of the Little Bighorn. Garryowen sits on what used to be the camp of Sioux chief...