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The History of the Rebel Yell
7 days ago
I don't know whether to thank or admonish Billy Idol for his hit, new wave album Rebel Yell. Sure, he ensured that the term "rebel yell" exists at the forefront of the American lexicon for a few more ...
Facts About Nuclear War Worth Knowing
4 months ago
Many people from across the world have varying opinions about nuclear power and nuclear weapons. No matter if you think they are a necessary evil, an unforgivable crime against humanity, or that nucle...
10 Awesome Military Traditions from Around the World
5 months ago
The military is a fertile breeding ground for official and unofficial traditions. The United States is particularly renown for its unusual traditions, but there are so many other countries with curren...
10 Things You Should Never Say to a Veteran
5 months ago
In the United States, there are over two million military services members including active and reserve forces, but there are more than twenty million living veterans, with the oldest among them havin...
Must Read Military Leader Biographies
7 months ago
An unfortunate truth is that war has existed since the dawn of mankind. For all the destruction it inevitably causes, war has revealed some truly brilliant minds and larger-than-life figures in the hi...