Kevin Simpson

I think I’m a Pulitzer Prize contender every year but I’m yet to capture that allusive award, haven't even been named a finalist.

Military Movies That Deserve a Sequel in 2018
a year ago
War movies can be one of the most successful genres at the box office and critically. Americans love seeing the tales of heroism in war played out on the big screen. While most military movies are bas...
Books Recommended by the US Military for Aspiring Soldiers
a year ago
Joining the military and becoming a good soldier is about more than just being physically fit and tough. The military also wants their soldiers to be intelligent and well versed in military history. T...
Biggest Military Stories of 2017 that Captivated Americans
a year ago
2017 was a big year for breaking news and stories, and the military was no exception to these big stories. 2017 gave the armed forces a new commander-in-chief and a litany of other stories hit front p...