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Baby boomer, Pharmacologist, Movie reviewer and proud grandfather.

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Military Routines Every Civilian Should Do
9 months ago
Simplifying your life and creating a routine can help you accomplish goals and get more done, which is something we could all benefit from. Well, it is no secret that the marine corps has special tips...
10 Facts You Should Know About Operation Desert Storm
a year ago
The Gulf War, codenamed Operation Desert Storm, was a pretty unique war. It was for operations that led to the buildup of troops and defense of Saudi Arabia and Operation Desert Storm in its combat ph...
Pros and Cons of the National Guard
2 years ago
A military career is something many of us have considered in passing. We've wondered if it's the right choice for us, if it can provide as well as people say it will, and possibly if it's actually som...
Navy SEAL Requirements
2 years ago
The Navy SEALs are considered to be the toughest that the US military has to offer, and joining the SEALs is something that many people dream of doing. After all, that's why they're featured in so man...