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10 Heartbreaking Books About WWII
8 months ago
World War II was a traumatic time in the history of the human race, but if you don't have quite the right stomach for the best war movies streaming right now, then there are many heartbreaking books a...
10 Books About the Civil War That Will Make You Rethink Everything
8 months ago
Books about the Civil War can help us discuss issues of race and reunion, and try to rethink the war in modern times. It’s always interesting to hear the difference in perspective between the soldiers...
The Best War Strategy Books Ever Written
9 months ago
The strategic minds of the instrumental people behind civil wars, world wars, and ancient war are not easy to interpret. That being said, some authors have taken the time to delve into the details and...
Ways to Reintegrate into Society After Deployment
9 months ago
When a military family member returns home from a deployment cycle, it is understandable for everyone to be both anxious and excited. However, what family members may not realize is that when service ...
How to Prepare for Joining the Navy
10 months ago
Joining the Navy is a huge decision for anyone to make. For most men and women making this choice, going through the enlistment process is their first experience as an adult after receiving their high...
Things You Should Never Say to a Military Wife
a year ago
When discussing military life with military wives, there are some things you should never say to a military wife. Military spouses do not have it easy, and every single one will feel the same way abou...