Nathaniel Channing III

The movie buff that can tell you about the latest releases, especially in the sci-fi and comic/superhero world.

10 Must Read Books About the War in Afghanistan
8 months ago
We’ve been at war for well over a decade now. Even though the conflicts have settled down, there are still men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq serving their country with honor. The Middle East is st...
Coolest Tactical Gadgets for Veterans
a year ago
Military veterans constitute a unique group among those interested in tactical gear. Not only will they already have hands-on knowledge of almost all kinds of gear, but they can distinguish the higher...
Things You Should Know Before Meeting the Military Recruiter
a year ago
Are you aware of what you need to know before meeting the military recruiter? Many potential recruits have no idea. They expect their recruiter to tell them everything. It doesn't work that way, howev...
Veteran Family Benefits You Should Know About
a year ago
If you are someone who counts on veteran family benefits, you should pay close attention to the current political atmosphere and make sure you're aware of any changes made to the options available to ...
Best War Movies Streaming Right Now
2 years ago
Streaming services are all the rage for movie and TV nowadays. Most people are subscribers of at least one streaming service, if not multiple (I am). Naturally, these streaming services, whether they ...