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Things Your Military Recruiter Won't Tell You
9 months ago
Military recruiters, like any profession, are a mixed bag. Some, most even, will do their best to answer your questions honestly and give you the most accurate picture of the military that they can pr...
Who Is Jody?
9 months ago
If you’re in or affiliated with military service, you’ve probably heard the term ‘Jody’, or heard someone referred to as Jody. It’s never a good thing. But who is Jody? What does that designation real...
What's a Dependapotamus?
10 months ago
In military circles, especially online, you’ve probably seen or heard some of the most popular slang terms used among military members. One you may or may not have heard of though are the terms "depen...
10 Best Military Discounts at Major Retail Stores
10 months ago
One thing you've probably learned as an active service member or veteran is that it never hurts to ask. By that, I mean it never hurts to check if a store, restaurant, airline, or any other company th...
How Criminal History Can Affect Military Enlistment
a year ago
"Criminal record" doesn't usually sound great to any employer, and the armed forces have especially high standards of morality. They are also given a lot of liberty to decide who they accept or deny. ...
10 Allegedly Haunted Military Bases
a year ago
Though there is never conclusive proof, legends and eyewitness reports overwhelmingly indicate that ghosts and entities result, most often, from violent and premature deaths. Disturbing events of the ...