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2018's Top 9 Credit Cards for Military Members & Perks That Come With Them
2 days ago
When you join the Navy, or decide to join any other part of the US Armed Forces, it's safe to say that you will have a lot of perks coming your way. Even if you're not getting paid like a Navy SEAL, y...
Everyday Foods That Were First Developed Just for the Military
7 months ago
The military has created a huge amount of technology that is now regularly used by civilians. Most of us already know that, though, since it's common knowledge. The internet was first a military inven...
Things You May Not Know About the US Marine Corps
7 months ago
For many people in the military world, joining the USMC was the best decision they ever made in their lives. They eat, sleep, and breathe military life — and they absolutely love it. For others, it's ...
Celebrities that Served in WWII
8 months ago
At the start of WWII, countless people took up arms to fight against the Axis powers, from the rich to the poor, all for the good cause – and, yes, there were even celebrities that served in WWII. I d...