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10 Bizarre Military Mysteries No One Can Explain
3 months ago
Military history always makes for an interesting, gripping read. People still remain fascinated by the most notorious war criminals of all time, enjoy reading about the greatest generals in history, a...
Best Military Science Fiction TV Series You Should Watch
4 months ago
Science fiction and military fiction go together as well as peanut butter and jelly—even if you aren't a typical military fiction fan. If you really think about it, most of the largest science fiction...
2018's Top 9 Credit Cards for Military Members & Perks That Come With Them
6 months ago
When you join the Navy, or decide to join any other part of the US Armed Forces, it's safe to say that you will have a lot of perks coming your way. Even if you're not getting paid like a Navy SEAL, y...
Everyday Foods That Were First Developed Just for the Military
a year ago
The military has created a huge amount of technology that is now regularly used by civilians. Most of us already know that, though, since it's common knowledge. The internet was first a military inven...
Things You May Not Know About the US Marine Corps
a year ago
For many people in the military world, joining the USMC was the best decision they ever made in their lives. They eat, sleep, and breathe military life — and they absolutely love it. For others, it's ...
Celebrities that Served in WWII
a year ago
At the start of WWII, countless people took up arms to fight against the Axis powers, from the rich to the poor, all for the good cause – and, yes, there were even celebrities that served in WWII. I d...