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I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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Pizza Box
24 days ago
The Rehoboth Beach, Delaware waters swelled into a blue-green splotch against the graying skies. Master Gunnery Sergeant Hamner Coral sat with his grandchildren Titan and Marietta. A fire in the corne...
4 months ago
A fire truck red pickup truck with chrome around the fenders and dual exhaust pipes roared to a stop at the Marine Corps Recruiting Station in Newark, Delaware. Private First Class Klyde Bakeman hoppe...
For His Self-Interest
5 months ago
Pickup trucks by the dozens bombarded the gates. Personnel guarding those premises fell by gunfire and rocket-propelled grenade attacks. Barriers moved out of the way of the trucks once the men had em...
Let the Machine Activate
5 months ago
A rain fell on the Marine outpost at the Dover Air Force Base, in Dover Delaware. Night had fallen and the rain came down in steady sheets. Corporals Regina Marigold and Shana Fisker sat in a duty veh...
Their Own Selfish Lives Part II: Careerism
5 months ago
Judge Advocate General, Lieutenant General Larca Wells sat down in her leather chair. Major General Magdalene McCorkell and Lieutenant Colonel Hendra Rizzano stood rigid at the position of attention. ...
Their Own Selfish Lives
5 months ago
At an outpost in Dover, Delaware on the Dover Air Force Base, two female officers of the United States Marine Corps met one morning in April. She entered with swift movements. She stood at attention i...