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Best Military Movies on Netflix You Should Watch

Let's let out an "HOOAH!" for the best military movies on Netflix.

Ah, military movies. There's something decidedly patriotic and thrilling about watching heroes in the military. 

Netflix, everyone's favorite streaming service, is already aware of this. That's why they regularly allow users to stream many of the best war movies ever made

If you're a vet feeling nostalgic or a regular military fan who just wants to see some patriotic action on screen, this list of the best military movies on Netflix will satiate your need to queue up a good film.


One of the best military movies on Netflix to take a look at a real-life story is Defiance. This action-packed movie follows the true story of four fearless brothers who took action to protect over 1,000 Jews during the height of World War II. 

There are fights, Nazi-busting action, and a lot of intense drama. It also has its tearjerking moments at times, if you are sensitive. Those who love rich military drama will want this in their queue immediately. 

Sand Castle

One of the hottest new productions from Netflix is Sand Castle, the story of a young new recruit who gets sent to a village to repair a water pipe. This all happens in 2003, shortly after the Iraq invasion, and as you can guess, locals aren't happy.

Though he initially enlisted to get college money, the full price of being involved in the conflict sinks in. It's a story rife with fear, tension, and for many vets, painful memories. Its realism makes it one of the best military movies on Netflix right now. 

Full Metal Jacket

You can't have a list about war movies without mentioning Full Metal Jacket, and thankfully, Netflix recently snapped up this classic movie for a quick run on streaming. If you love military training movies, then you already know what this is about. 

New recruits end up training in a Fort, and are then sent straight to Vietnam. Often declared as Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, this flick seriously shows the futility of war. 

Jarhead 3: The Siege

We wish we could say that Jarhead is available on Netflix right now, but it's not. However, not all is lost. Though you can't find Jarhead or Jarhead 2 on here, the latest movie in the series currently is ready to queue up on Netflix. 

Jarhead 3 still remains one of the best military movies on Netflix, though. The third act in this trio features a group of marines who are tasked with protecting a US embassy abroad. When militants attack, they are outnumbered, outgunned, but not outwitted. 

Can they survive the onslaught? You'll have to watch for sure. 

The Siege of Jadotville

If you're looking for a totally brutal movie filled with insane, 300-esque action scenes on Netflix, then The Siege of Jadotville is one of the best military movies on Netflix for you. Like Defiance, The Siege of Jadotville is based on a true story. 

A group of 150 Irish military members have been sent to the Congo on a peacekeeping mission. All hell breaks loose when they have to withstand a siege led by Congolese troops that joined forces with corporate-owned mercenaries from France and Belgium. 

This movie can and will make you a bit sick to your stomach. Just saying. 

Beasts of No Nation

Most people do not realize the real ravages of total war unless they have seen it themselves. Beasts of No Nation is one of the best military movies on Netflix you can watch to get a better idea of how horrific war can be, and how it affects everyone involved.

This is a Netflix Original movie that shows children who lose their families to war, become soldiers, and the horrors that haunt everyone involved. 

A War

With its simple title, A War leaves no mystery as to what the subject is about. This visually stunning film is one of the best military movies on Netflix to talk about the inner workings of a militia unit, how people react to civilian deaths, and the bonds soldiers form as brothers in arms. 

Fallout is shown, as are clips of military wives and family members who try to make sure that their lives stay together while their beloveds are stationed abroad. 

Tropic Thunder

Tired of all these "doom and gloom" titles, and want to check out something a little more lighthearted? Then you might enjoy the Vietnam comedy known as Tropic Thunder

This hilarious movie takes a more lighthearted approach to military life, and while it's not realistic, it'll definitely get vets laughing. It's got Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Rober Downey Jr all involved in its creation. 

Hilarity awaits as real actors end up in a very real conflict. You know you're in for a good time.

War Machine

Fans of comedies also might find War Machine to be one of the best military movies on Netflix right now. This Netflix Original movie stars Brad Pitt as a hardass leader sent to command NATO forces. Unfortunately, hubris has proven to cause more SNAFUs than he knows what to do with. 

War Machine actually parodies real events during the Afghanistan War. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll realize whoever wrote this flick had no chill whatsoever. 

Hyena Road

If you're looking for one of the best military movies on Netflix in terms of grittiness and drama surrounding the war in the Middle East, you'll enjoy Hyena Road. This epic drama shows a savvy Canadian intelligence officer who meets with a legendary Afghani freedom fighter. 

There's a certain element of psychological suspense in this movie that's downright bone-chilling. 

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Best Military Movies on Netflix You Should Watch
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