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Best Military Tactical Vests in 2018 & Their Many Uses

Protect yourself and all your many valuables with any of these military tactical vests, which have the most durable fabrics, myriads of pocket space, and a tone of extras.

If you're serious about the military, or just love the practicality of heavy duty tactical vests, you'll be wanting the best. While there may not be one singular item that checks all the boxes, there's enough brands and varied components that even make hunting for them a joy. If you're new to the military tactical vests market, don't get discouraged. There are loads of options to choose from and a great many types, as well. Vests are among the most popular tactical and defense equipment on Amazon for a reason. 

By breaking them all down and spilling their secrets, I'll show you the ins and outs of our greatest vests yet. If you're still wary about buying one, there are plenty of reasons why you need one, especially for newly minted military recruits. Check out some of the sweetest new specs on the latest military vests to see which is right for you. Odds are, before you even know it, you'll grow your own collection of vests, just like me. They can hold anything to everything, right at arm's level. Why wouldn't you try them?  

Tactical Cross Draw Vest by Rothco

Rothco's Cross Draw doesn't look like much, but it's tested high grade quality under one of the most talented names in the business. It's one of the simplest tactical military vests, yet still sophisticated. Since 1958, Rothco's military and tactical gear has served as necessary equipment for the toughest battles. 

Don't go with a nobody when you can get the best.. The Cross Draw has loads of features, like pistol mag pouches, a sidearm holster, mace and knife concealers, and an easy to adjust belt, which makes it simple for newbies. Though, some of us like to have a "home" for everything...

Loaded Gear VX-200 Tactical Vest by Barska

In its name itself, Barsaka's loaded tactical vest says volumes about packing ability. Trust me, all those pockets and compartments may look outlandish, but they come in hand one day. That is, if you're a recruit, of course.

That's not to say the VX-200 is only for the military minded. On the contrary, this versatile vest lets you arm and equip yourself for almost any type of danger in one fell swoop of simple superiority. In essence, Barsacka has given the vest various sections for specific items so as not to confuse the proud new owner of one of the best military tactical vests. Just read the instructions first. 

S.T.R.I.K.E. Elite Vest by Blackhawk

Let's bring it down a notch. The previous vest may have been a little too much for some of you, so I took it down with the S.T.R.I.K.E. elite vest, manufactured by none other than Blackhawk. If that doesn't scream military, then we might need to recheck our hoorahs. 

Its simple, almost futuristic exterior gives it a twinge of eccentricity, while this shiny exterior is actually heavy duty nylon manufactured to be both breathable and durable. You won't even feel the break of a sweat in Blackhawk's elite vest, nor have the need to worry at all—that's what makes it one of the best military tactical vests. Plus, if you're a service member, you can buy it with one of 2018's top credit cards for military members.

Hydro Harness by Condor

I'll even bring a notch down further and showcase one of the best plate vests. Much like Rothco, Condor is a name we can all trust when it comes to any type of military equipment. Though it may not be their greatest product, Condor's hybrid harness is a definite must if you want stopping power over features and components.  

When I first started eyeing vests long ago, I started with a mere plate vest. In my mind, and at the time, I thought it was one of the best military tactical vests. Feel them out and see what specific type you might prefer, because you can't forget (I did) that plate specific harnesses will weigh a ton. Without the plates, which make up the heftiness, the harness is practically useless. These are just things you must consider. 

Tactical Entry Assault Vest by VooDoo Tactical

Most often used by SWAT and the FBI, entry assault vests certainly look cool, if not a tad bit eerie. Similar to the crass draw, VooDoo's MSP-06 has all the bells and whistles one could ask for without being too bulky. 

What I like about the entry assault is the lightweight fabric. While pouches and compartments are my ideal friends in tactical situations, other vests tend to get too hot or firm on the body. The perfect fit makes the entry assault one of the best military tactical vests for most indoor tactical situations. 

VISM Tactical Vest by NcStar

If you're one of those people that likes personalized equipment and gear, try this one on for size: NcStar's tactical vest comes in a whole assortment of different colors. It's also fully adjustable, making it one of the best fitting military tactical vests with triple shoulders hook and loop panels, plus a heavy duty pistol belt that comes with it. The belt can be secured onto the vest, also holding everything in place. You can even put some of the best tactical flashlights under $50 in there! 

On top of all that, VISM also comes equipped with three adjustable side straps for that custom fit. NcStar's vest as an undervalued piece of military gear that makes any harrowing situation one of simplicity and ease. 

Strategical Disruptive Environments Chest Rig by Evike

These following two of the best military tactical vests are my picks for the most simple, yet practical chest rigs. For instance, the disruptive environments chest rig should speak for itself. The term military can still pertain to the Coast Guard, and Evike's vest is one you'll need in unpredictable conditions. 

I consider the chest rig a more standard, yet versatile vest that can be used for almost any job necessary. I've even seen some wear both chest rigs and full military vests just to compact all of their necessities for the mission. Evike's does away with this burdensome task and adopts a plethora of space for any number of weapons, gadgets, tools, and more. 

Recon Chest Rig by Condor

Like the one above, Condor's chest rig adds a little more durability to the mix and gives you better arm space to maneuver in the tightest spaces. While it may look nothing more than a mover's belt, Condor's ops chest rig is one of the best military tactical vests with mobile webbing. 

Even though it doesn't have as many pocket or pouch space as Evike's, there's still two inside pockets on both chests. There's also a variety of attachments that can be added to the chest rig. I say forget the plate carriers and go for something a little more durable that's also a little more lightweight, as well. 

Law Enforcement Tactical Vest by UTG

In comes the best law enforcement tactical vest. Most common for public defenders and police, UTG's 547 comes covered with features, pouches, and components that simply makes it one of the best military tactical vests. It's an all-around perfect vest that spares no empty space, nor allows for any discomfort. 

The law enforcement vest has all the necessary compartments for such equipment like radios, and has many fun additions; a universal cross draw holster and various pistol mag pouches, a high quality zipper, sniper shoulder strap, pistol belt, and so many more. It may be for law enforcement, but this tactical vest has it all. 

Elite Tactical Vest by Condor

I saved the best for last. As I said earlier, Condor is known in the business for their production of some of the most high quality military tactical vests, and it gets no better than the Condor elite. It's also only $63, plus you can choose between black or olive, if you prefer a different color. 

The elite also has many compartments and tactical technology, like 2 utility pouches, 6 M4 mag pouches, and two internal pockets, all built into the vest.  You're also getting a superior webbing that can be modified with MOLLE attachments. If you're worried about the shoulders digging into your skin, the elite comes with rubberized padding and a built-in shock stop. Protect yourself with any one of these vests, and watch as your confidence soars. 

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Best Military Tactical Vests in 2018 & Their Many Uses
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