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Best Tactical Combat Boots

This list of the best tactical combat boots will spell "Happy Holidays" to the geardo in your life.

Everyone in the military knows at least one "geardo;" also known as the one guy who insists on breaking the bank by splurging on all sorts of tactical combat gear. Some geardos do this to prepare for war. So, to a point, it does make sense. 

For most military personnel, it's not the tactical vest or hats that get people really appreciative. It's the shoes that allow their feet to breathe and feel comfortable that really get them going. After all, most military members do end up spending a lot of time on their feet. 

If you're Christmas shopping and want to get gifts for the geardo in your life, don't bother getting them war movies. In fact, you might want to pass up most of the standard gifts for veterans out there. Instead, give them a pair of tactical combat boots—like the ones below. 

Forced Entry Tan Deployment Boots by Rothco

Rothco has become one of the biggest names in tactical combat boots, primarily because they're one of the few companies that openly makes a point of designing boots meant for real combat. It's not "just a style" with these guys.

Though these tactical boots are pretty heavy, they also are designed to withstand serious beatings, while still remaining comfortable. Rust-proof eyelets, cushioned insoles, and deep treading make these a great all-purpose boot. 

C4T Tactical Boot by Rocky

Rocky's C4T is about as close to the feel of a military-issue combat boot as you'll get in the civilian world. What makes the C4T stand out among other tactical combat boots on the market is the fact that they are super-lightweight. 

So, if your soldier is looking for a breathable boot that doesn't weigh them down, this is a great pick. The only downside? Low tread, which can make these boots a bit slippery compared to others. 

Elite Spider 8.0 Boot by Magnum

Magnum makes some seriously strong military boots, and that's part of the reason why they have such as big cult following. These heavy-tread boots are perfect for people who can't stand having shoes that don't breathe well due to the spider mesh lining. 

Whether it's just reenacting a military training movie scene or actually hitting a trail, these are going to end up being amazingly comfortable companions. 

A.T.A.C Tactical Side Zip Boot by 5.11

Looking for low-key tactical combat boots that offer comfort, a lightweight design, and ample cushioning? 5.11's A.T.A.C size zip boots are a perfect choice. An easy-access side zip makes it easy to slip these tactical boots on without issue. 

Deep tread and oil-resistant material make for a slip-proof boot, while the cushioning and breathability ensure that you have a pair of the best tactical combat boots in its class. 

GX-8 Ultra-Lites GTX by Bates

Seriously lightweight builds are hard to find when you're shopping for tactical combat boots—especially if you're looking for decent protective coverage for your shins and ankles. Bates created the GTX GX-8 boots with the goal to offer the best of both worlds to wearers. 

If you're looking for good coverage, without having to sacrifice being light on your feet, check out this pair. They're as versatile as they can be, thanks to their waterproof design. 

Valsetz RTS by Under Armour

It's true. The same company that's known for making one of the best fitness apps and some of the best sporting gear also can make some pretty mean, lean tactical combat boots. 

The Valsetz RTS are equipped with Micro G foam for extremely soft, durable cushioning, capable of handling long runs without any issue. Under Armour's ClutchFit tech also makes this boot wrap around your foot like a second skin—which in turn makes them absolutely great for running. 

Acadia Boots by Danner

If the person you're shopping for has a more "classic aesthetic" that they tend to want to look for, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Danner created a pair of seriously strong boots that have the classic military-industrial feel you'd want.

These shoes are designed for kicking down doors and kicking some ass—but make no mistake about it, they can also kick it on a goth club dance floor, too. 

Breach 2.0 Tactical Waterproof Boots by Smith & Wesson

Leave it to one of the biggest gun manufacturers in the nation to make some of the best tactical combat boots on the civilian market. These side zip tactical boots are designed to be easy to zip up, ready to grip terrain with ease, waterproof, and ready to stay comfortable all day. 

The workmanship put into these combat boots is easy to see and feel. That's why these boots will have military men smiling—no matter what they may be doing in them. 

TAC FORCE 8 by Maelstrom

If you're looking for tactical combat boots that can double as work boots or biker boots, then Maelstrom has a serious treat for you. This stylish pair is designed to be just as appropriate for kicking down doors as it is for wearing on the job. 

These boots bring military life to the civilian world, and that makes for a geardo's dream come true. 

Classic Tactical Boot by Original S.W.A.T.

Last, but not least, are Original S.W.A.T's Classic Tactical Boots. These, much like others, are made for serious turf gripping and were developed to be waterproof. However, what makes these very unusual is the wicking and anti-microbial inner materials—which means way more comfort and way less chance of odor. 

These boots also have special modifications that allow you to instantly feel comfortable. So if you're tired of lengthy "break-in" periods, these are the best boots for your buck. 

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Buddy Brown
Buddy Brown

Detroit-born Buddy Brown is a 80s hair metal fan who loves cars, games, and sports. When he’s not drinking PBR while listening to Downtown Brown, he’s playing Grand Theft Auto or working on his El Camino.

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