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Best Tactical Headlamps to Try

Whether you're on a rescue mission or need to work on field missions in the dark, here are the ten best tactical headlamps.

Tactical headlamps are a necessity for any service member so you can shine a light hands free, since you never know when you could be in a life-threatening situation. Fit with various LED lights, tactical headlamps are able to shine different colors to signal different messages. 

If you're out in the field all day, some lamps can be heavy and awkward resting on your head. But thanks to modern technology, there are headlamps that are adjustable and include materials that can keep your head cool and dry.

HP25R by Fenix

This versatile headlamp makes it easy to switch light settings without cycling through multiple controls. The HP25R by Fenix comes with a dual switch that controls different lights like spotlights and floodlights separately, which can be invaluable to any military personnel. The spotlight can shine up to 600 feet, perfect for any rugged outdoor activities or situations. The lamp also includes an aluminum chassis which takes any heat away from your head. 

H52 Cool by Zebralight

The Zebralight is perfect for wet conditions and deep sea diving with a completely waterproof lens. This headlamp is very lightweight, and on its lowest setting, can continuously provide power for up to three months! It's one of the most simplest tactical headlamps to use, with one button to control the different levels of light. 

Powercap LED Beanie Cap by Panther Vision

The Powercap headlamp is perfect for any service member. It will help you keep a low profile if you're on a stealth mission. This hat is fit with a polyester lining which helps with keeping both the light and your head dry. The Powercap includes two LED lights, with one facing down for your hands and the other facing forward. With four batteries lasting for up to 40 hours of light, this headlamp is both comfortable and resourceful. 

Tec Quad 4 L.E.D. by Princeton Tec

This lightweight headlamp is simple, convenient, and compact. All of its components are in one piece, so you never have to worry about a separate battery pack like in other tactical headlamps. The elastic strap makes it easy to adjust and sits comfortably on your head with no added pressure. Also included is a clip that makes it easy to attach to helmets and the best military tactical backpacks if you're out on the field. The Tec Quad includes four different colored LEDs and three lighting modes, allowing you to see up to 120 feet away. 

GRDE Zoomable LED Headlamp by Lighting EVER

The GRDE from Lighting Ever is a comfortable headlamp that includes adjustable straps. One of the main features with this lamp is its light zoom feature, which can slowly switch from a spotlight to a flood light and back. With a waterproof casing, the GRDE works well when coming in contact with water. Included with the headlamp are two rechargeable batteries that you can charge inside your car.   

High Technology LED Headlamp by MsForce

This headlamp is perfect for wet conditions because of its water-resistant casing. This is one of the most comfortable tactical headlamps on the market with light-weight straps, so you'll never feel pressure on your head. Available with four different LED lights, these bulbs can rotate up to 90 degrees so you'll never have to turn your head. It also includes a floodlight mode and a pinpoint mode so you can focus on a certain object or direction. 

S+R H3 Headlamp by 5.11

This headlamp is made with a combination of aluminum and polymer, which is built to last. The S+R H3 is also one of the most comfortable headlamps available, with a fully adjustable, elastic headband. While there's only a few different light settings, this lamp includes a flood light setting that can last up to 20 hours. Just like the best military watches under $100 on Amazon, this is the one of the best values you can find. 

Inova STS Headlamp by Nite Ize

The Nite Ize Inova STS Headlamp offers an intriguing Swipe-To-Shine feature, a touch activated interface that changes lighting modes. With one swipe, you can lock the device, change the LED color light, or change the brightness. These tactical headlamps last up to 255 hours of battery life and are also completely waterproof up to one meter, or three feet. 

STRIX VL by Petzl

This versatile headlamp can be worn around your head, on the best military tactical vest, or around your waist. The STRIX VL rotates 120 degrees vertically and 180 degrees horizontally, so you'll be able to see in the dark from all angles. This headlamp has many uses and its light is a bit softer than others so you can use it for more casual situations like camping in the woods. But with its four colored lights, it still makes for a good tactical tool. 

NU30 400 by Nitecore

This is one of the toughest tactical headlamps that can sustain hard impact, in case you encounter any combat. This headlamp can shine light up to 132 yards and has a 100 degree illumination angle so you can see far and wide. One of the other appealing aspects of the NU30 400 is its long lasting battery life. Its built in lithium battery can last over 75 minutes on its highest setting and up to two weeks on its lowest setting. The headlamp also comes with three differently colored lights, including an emergency light setting, which flashes red if you're trying to alert someone. 

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Best Tactical Headlamps to Try
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