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Hello New Life

Military Relationships

Military relationships are probably the most stressful, yet amazing things anyone can ever experience. Before my husband and I started dating, I was just a regular college student living life to its fullest. I had a relationship that I thought was going to be the one, but we ended up breaking up. That's when my husband came in the picture. My husband was away, stationed at another state then. He kept asking me out and I kept turning him down. The more I thought about it, the more I was leaning to give him a chance. The first thing that comes in girls' minds when it comes to military relationships is the distance, the trust, the honesty, etc. When I decided to give him a chance, that's when everything changed. I went from a relationship to where I saw the person every day to a relationship where I saw the person once every three to six months. Let me tell you, it was the right decision. 

Every girl wants to see their boyfriend all day, every day. That's what I wanted, but when I said yes to my husband to date him, I knew I couldn't have that. As days went on, I still was in college and working full time. It ended up working out tremendously. I would go to school then work all night and then go home to video chat him the rest of the night. The reason why I said it worked out tremendously is because I was always busy. If he was here, I wouldn't have time to see him. Well, later on, he proposed and I said yes. I knew by saying yes, my life was going to change. I knew once we got married, I would be moving to wherever he is stationed at. I would be moving away from my family. I did not give it much thought until our wedding day came. 

Our wedding day was the best day of my entire life. The day after our wedding, it hit me. I am going to be moving away from everybody in a week. I had just a week left to say goodbye to my friends and my family. I had a week to pack up everything. It was one stressful week. The moment we left Indiana to move to Florida, that is when everything changed.

I have now been in Florida with my husband for a year and a half now. It has been the most amazing experience ever. I miss my family dearly, but I talk to them every day. Military relationships are amazing yet hard. Do not doubt yourself at all. If it is meant to be, then it is meant to be. The lesson I learned is that I am so proud to of giving my husband a chance and that he did not give up on me after turning him down twice. Never give up.

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Hello New Life
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