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Jobs for Military Veterans Without Degrees

Are you or a friend transitioning out of the military and looking for a job? Here are some of the best and most popular jobs for military veterans without degrees.

Finding jobs for military veterans without degrees may seem like a difficult task, but there are many jobs available for veterans transitioning back to civilian life without a bachelor’s degree out there. Many of these are high paying jobs that will benefit from an applicant who has military experience. The specialized job training that veterans have obtained from their previous roles in the military can be largely beneficial to most any career path. Here are some of the top jobs veterans without a formal education to take on, and the tasks, qualifications, and salaries that each job requires and/or provides.

Police Officer

Becoming a police officer is one of the most popular jobs for military veterans without degrees because law enforcement jobs heavily favor candidates with military experience, especially for those veterans who figured out how to join the military police while in the military. Transitioning veterans can become police officers with just a high school diploma. Police officer jobs do not usually require a college degree; however, military veterans and all candidates must go through an eight-week police academy training course to become physically fit. This job training will seem much simpler for military veterans who have already been through boot camp and dealt with firearms. Police officers make on average $60,000 per year.


Like jobs in law enforcement, firefighters are popular jobs for military veterans without degrees because many transitioning veterans with military experience will still want to have a hands-on job helping people and being in the action. As a firefighter, candidates will have to go through an academy program, and will learn emergency medical technician related skills to save people from burning buildings. Military veterans may already have some of this experience from previous roles. Firefighter jobs do not require a college degree, and these positions are very military friendly. Firefighters make about $48,000 a year.


Again, like police officer jobs, detective positions are popular jobs for military veterans without degrees. While some detectives require a bachelor’s degree, many transitioning veterans may be able to use their military experience to become a detective, working their way up through law enforcement ranks to secure this position. The department of defense will promote from within because hands-on experience is more important than school education when it comes to jobs in the field. Security clearances will sometimes be necessary for detective jobs, and many military veterans may have security clearances from their job training in their military branch. These government jobs all work together, so any of these careers would be a good option. Detectives make about $70,000 a year.


Electrician jobs are great jobs for military veterans without degrees because they usually only require an apprenticeship program and many military veterans are good with their hands. Hiring managers appreciate transitioning veterans who can learn quickly and take direction well. In certain parts of the country, electricians have the potential to make over $100,000 a year if they are working steadily or running work, and have fantastic benefits both during and after their employment.

Airline Pilot

An airline pilot is a great job for military veterans without degrees if the military veterans had experience during their military career flying planes. While some pilot positions require degrees, exceptions can be made for military pilots with military experience that was specifically related to piloting. Airline piloting is one of the high paying jobs that transitioning veterans may be able to snag. Pilots make on average $82,000 per year.

Elevator Repair and Installation

An elevator installer is a popular job for military veterans without a degree because elevator repair is in high demand all over the world. This position is a high paying job that requires job training, but does not require a college degree. Many transitioning veterans can learn this trade quickly through an apprenticeship program, and it is military friendly, because again, military veterans are familiar with labor intensive jobs where they work with their hands daily. Elevator installers make on average $70,000 per year.

Fitness Trainer

Becoming a fitness trainer is one of the most popular jobs for military veterans without a degree because transitioning veterans are already in great physical shape from their military experience, and can use this to train others and get them on the path to a healthy lifestyle. While some fitness training positions require certificates in nutrition, these jobs do not require a bachelor’s degree. Fitness careers are also military friendly because military veterans are great at motivating others and pushing them to their full potential. Fitness trainers make on average $58,000 per year.

IT Specialist

While an IT or computer specialist may require a little more training, this is still one of the best jobs for veterans without degrees. Many military veterans worked with computers while in their active duty careers, and they can apply this military experience to the IT world outside of the military. Transitioning veterans may have to go back to school for a certificate or an associate's degree if they only have a high school diploma, but the average salary for IT and computer specialists is around $45,000 per year, so the job training could be worth it.

Customer Service Representative

Becoming a customer service representative is a one of the most popular jobs for military veterans without degrees simply because this job is so diverse. There are many fields that require customer service, and many of them are military friendly because hiring managers understand that military veterans are struggling to find jobs without bachelor’s degrees. Anyone can talk to people and help them find a product and/or use a service. Customer service representatives make around $31,000 per year.


Lastly, a popular job for military veterans without degrees is to become a welder. This is another hands-on position that does not require a college degree, but instead, requires an apprenticeship program. Military veterans are great candidates for welder positions, because they are hard workers who don’t mind getting their hands dirty daily. The job training for welding will be understandable for transitioning veterans, and the pay is steady, averaging at $38,00 per year.

These jobs are great options for military veterans without degrees. Life after the military is already difficult, and when veterans get out of the service, they should have no problem finding a good career if they are determined to find something they are passionate about and if they continue to work hard. Their military experience will be beneficial in the long run!

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