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The Few and the Proud


By: Kenaniah L.M. Karahuta

Friday; October 12th, 2018

A marine never lies, never cheats, never steals. A marine never compromises or gives up the fight. Lacking in the ability to accept defeat, as well as, lacking in a personal definition for the meaning of the word, “surrender.” A marine gives their all in all that they do. Focused only on successful mission completion, with protecting the lives of fellow marines and when able, those of innocent people displaced by death and destruction so unanimously ubiquitous in today’s world. Marines remain always faithful. Faithful to country, to family and, most importantly, to the morals and ethics and, values of their beloved corps which they serve with honor and distinction. Embodying the values of the corps, “honor, courage and commitment." Honorable, a marines’ integrity is beyond reproach. Courageous in all things a Marine, even when nervous, apprehensive or down right afraid... never cowers from a fight or shies away from a challenge. Marines remain vigilantly and diligently at the ready for whenever, however and, wherever adversity chooses to reveal itself. Found face to face with it the marine coldly stares back, revealing no fear, no weakness. Signaling to the whole world world and his challenger that Marines stand their ground and they never back down.

A member of their country’s, and in many folk’s opinion, the world’s most elite fighting force; no doubt, the marine is an elite warrior. Capable of conquering any obstacle, of meeting any challenge, and of being successful in or at anything their mind is geared towards. Whether on or off the battlefield and even long after their discharge, the marine remains instilled a warriors ethos adopted during they’re training and time spent in steadfast and grateful service to their corps. This, an ethos necessary to be able to adapt, overcome and, succeed in almost any environment, situation or, conflict for which they may find themselves involved an/or a party to. There’s a reason why a marine Is a marine for life. The reason for wanting to be one. The want to be a warrior not just in the corps but, in one’s existence. Honorable and integral beyond reproach. This ethos is a way of life for the marine and stays with them long after they’ve completed their service and often until they’re no longer of this world.

A marine is passionate. He is motived. He is tenacious. He is always the man he wants himself to be and the man his family needs him to be. Having learned how to, a marine is able to do more than most with far less resources at the ready. To keep himself alive, as well as, to remain in the fight a Marine always makes do with whatever is on hand. Doing so without complaint and Instead gratefully cherishing what little there may actually be at their disposal. A marine carries closest always, their code, creed and the values of their beloved corps. They’re always prepared and eager to be the best version of themselves, ceaselessly searching for ways to become stronger, faster and smarter individuals; A marine seeks only to better themselves and does so in all aspects of life, personal and professional. On and off the field of battle, and with precision, dedication and overwhelming force marines remain the gold standard; not just as warriors but, as exemplary and extraordinary Americans and human beings in general.

As I said before, marines always give 100 percent, 100 percent of the time—to the point of performing the most awesome and noble gesture anyone can offer by standing shoulder to shoulder with their brother and sister marines risking everything in fight for their lives. Even in their final moments, they are selfless beyond measure standing ready they give all that they have up to and including their own life in sacrifice and service to their country and their fellow marines marines, just as many of our country's other service men and women, rescue workers, law enforcers, paramedics and, fire crews are most easily described as “heroes.” A marine is a hero and no way a martyr for the simple fact that they’d rather live than die but they stand at the ready and remain willing to give up their life for the most noblest of causes. For, all will give some though, marines stand by to give their all.

The marine recognizes that someone has to be willing to step up and truly embody the values of the corps. To face situations which may just cost them the ultimate price. They are protectors, defenders and, lovers no doubt. You couldn’t do what marines do without love. Love for more than just your country and your corps. Love for your family and friends whom you protect and love as well as a certain level of love, loyalty and devotion for each and every other marine you serve beside. Every marine bears the obvious knowledge that, not only as humans, they will not live forever but, that as Marines, they face an obviously higher risk of their life being cut tragically short. Marines take solace in the fact that the Marine corps, its values, customs, courtesies and its proud history will live on forever and in that right, so too will they. A piece of them lives when each time the title Marine is uttered, their sacrifice is remembered. Every time a USMC flag saluted, so too are they and, every time another marine pays the ultimate price each and every Marine, especially the fallen, are remembered and saluted alongside the all who’ve served before as are all who will serve after.

Standing eternally and around the globe as an institution which, since it’s creation, has stood a beacon of hope. A beacon to all who would seek to have, to protect, defend and, uphold liberty and freedom from outside aggression and, the inhumane acts of tyrants. The USMC always has and always will remain, an impenetrable and unscalable wall. It’s soul purpose, to keep at bay, deter and, if necessary quickly and efficiently target and eliminate any threat which would seek to do harm to the marine, his fellow marines, to our country our values, freedoms or, our way of life. Charged with protecting the things, we as free born Americans, consider most sacred, a marine remains always on the job and just the right person for it as well. To those who find themselves in need, the sight of a marine if not even a whole platoon is a god send. They are angels of death ready to protect and be of service to those left at the wayside by the horrors and tragedies associated with what war is really.

Marines are without question the one percent of our world’s one percent. The best of the best. There’s simply no better way for this to be said, a marine is A MARINE and there isn’t a damn thing better in this world or on God’s green earth to be called. Proud of their corps and it’s heritage these men and women feel true honor and pride, a level of thankfulness even, to have been given the opportunity to serve and to earn their title “Marine.” Most would rather be called by nothing other than. Held within that beautiful name and tittle, which only a seldom few have earned the proud right to call themselves and be called by, lay the very characteristics which our nation honors; every value held nearest and dearest to our heartstrings; as well as, every challenge met, obstacle overcome and, battle fought and won. This, coupled with every last one of the selfless and beautiful sacrifices made by these men and women. Every drop of blood shed to pay for the freedoms we love so that they may prosper and endure for our posterity. Every life laid down in an act of love, of loyalty and out of devotion is housed and exists within that distinguished title, “Marine.” And, for a Marine, whenever he or she is called by another, in this and the next, let it be, that they shall be called by their truest, their most noble title,“Marine.”

~Kenaniah L.M. Karahuta

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