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Most Notable Navy SEALs

History is full of great Navy men, but the most notable Navy SEALs of all time put many to shame.

The Navy SEALs are one of America's most elite fighting teams, and that means that they have to withstand grueling training, tough times, and often take part in missions that would make most other soldiers recoil in fear. They're fearless, tough, and the best the US has — and they're also legendary in their own right. 

Though every Navy SEAL is impressive, the most notable Navy SEALs gain world fame and often change history. Here are some of the most famous (and infamous) SEALs to have ever worn the uniform.

Chris Kyle

This world-famous Navy SEAL regularly tops lists of the most notable Navy SEALs in history, and for good reason. Besides completing four successful tours in Iraq, Chris Kyle also has the achievement of co-writing the hit movie, American Sniper

Yes, he was played by Bradley Cooper in the film, and according to Kyle, it was semi-autobiographical.

Chris Cassidy

One of the most notable Navy SEALs of all time wasn't just a Navy SEAL. He was basically a real-life Buzz Lightyear. After serving on several missions as a Navy SEAL, Chris Cassidy started a second career in aerospace travel as a NASA astronaut. 

Along with having spent time at the International Space Station, the handsome Chris Cassidy also boasts one of the best selfies of all time. 

Rudy Boesch

This hardened Navy SEAL might not be one of the most notable Navy SEALs for his service, but we can't deny the impressiveness of his career. He's been given a bronze star for going on over 45 different missions during the Vietnam War, making him a really prolific military member.

After he had wrapped up his service as a SEAL, he ended up being a contestant on the Survivor reality game show. Who would have thought that veterans would end up on reality shows, too?

Rob O'Neill

This incredibly awesome soldier is one of the most notable Navy SEALs on one of the most famous Navy SEAL teams ever. He was the member of SEAL Team Six — the team that killed one of the most famous terrorists in history. 

It was his amazing marksmanship that killed Osama Bin Laden. He was also featured on the mission that saved Marcus Luttrell and Captain Richard Phillips.

Chuck Pfarrer

A lot of fans of military books and military movies might recognize this guy's name. After Chuck had finished up his time as part of the Navy SEALs, he ended up being inspired by his career — and started writing a bunch of books about it. 

These book titles include Red Planet, and Navy SEALs... and yes, Virus, too. He's also been a screenwriter who's seen his work on the big silver screen. This means that he's one of the most notable Navy SEALs who turned into a celebrity writer later on. 

Admiral Eric Thor Olson

If you're looking for Navy SEALs who didn't go into Hollywood-esque roles after their time in the Navy, you might find Admiral Eric Thor Olson's career to be a perfect example of what the most notable Navy SEALs can do.

Olson currently is the first Navy SEAL to graduate to both a three-star and four-star flag rank, which makes him one of the most accomplished SEALs in history.

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Most Notable Navy SEALs
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