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My Review of 'The Hunting Party'

A little known movie with some pretty big actors—was this a movie that you missed out on?

The Hunting Party stars Richard Gere, Terrence Howard and Jesse Eisenberg—three pretty popular big name actors right about now but this movie came out back in 2007. I don't quite remember their star power back then. I know Richard Gere and Terrence Howard were pretty big names for a while so maybe the studio was depending on their star power to popularize the movie.

Back in 2007, I don't really remember hearing about this movie at all. In fact, I don't even think I've even seen any promotions to advertise this movie at all. So, I was surprised to see that this movie even existed on the Netflix catalog. I was sifting through it and noticed the stars. At first I thought it was a new movie but all the actors seemed unusually younger in this movie. So it's probably a movie not a lot of people got to see.

The movie is all in the perspective of Duck (Terrence Howard). He's a seasoned camera guy that has been getting footage from all sorts of wars. Most of his work was done with a guy named Simon Hunt (Richard Gere). Simon was a highly respected war correspondent until one live show where he just loses his cool and tells the whole world what he really thinks of the war. His personal opinions didn't reflect those of the broadcaster and ever since then he had been exiled from mainstream journalism. Meanwhile, Duck was promoted and gained a pretty comfortable lifestyle.

Years go by and the war that Simon and Duck had covered for so many years is finally over and Duck has been asked to go back to the old war-torn country to document the commemoration of the peace that they've achieved. Added to the mix in during the trip is Benjamin Strauss (Jesse Eisenberg). He's a young new journalist that just graduated from Harvard looking to make a name for himself and so happens to be the the son of the broadcasting company's executive.

When they arrive they quickly find out that despite the country claiming to be at peace nothing is all that it seems. A major warlord is still among them. Simon quickly comes out of nowhere to meet up with Duck and tells him that he's found the location of the warlord. Working as a war correspondent for so many years Duck realizes the significance of finding this warlord and becomes intrigued. He wants in and since young Benjamin is so eager to make a name for himself he is in too. Things quickly take a turn for the worse when they realize that Simon has other plans for the warlord that get the three of them into pretty hectic situations.

It's a complex story-line that was directed very nicely. The comedy throughout the movie was nicely sprinkled in. All of the actors throughout the movie put in tons of charm to give this movie lots of life. The movie runs at a good consistent pace with no real boring parts and everything is very easy to follow along. Everything was great but nothing here really wowed me or made me feel that it was entering into new territory that other films of this genre haven't already done.

I wasn't quite sure if this was based on a true story or not. It showed some indications that this was based on true events and I could see how it could be true. This movie also makes social commentary on what the government tries to hide from the public. Certain war criminals might just be easier to find than we thought but there are certain complications that prevent them from being found.

Overall, I would say that this is a good movie. It was well made for easy viewing. I would give this movie a seven out of 10. It is a good watch but only once. You'll enjoy watching it but I wouldn't imagine you'd want to watch it again voluntarily. They did a good job.

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My Review of 'The Hunting Party'
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