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Surprising Medical Conditions That'll Disqualify You From Service

Looking to join? These are some medical conditions that'll disqualify you from service that you might overlook before you begin the entrance processing.

Qualifying medically to join the military is an extensive process. While there are many conditions that will be obvious, there are also many that are not often considered or known. 

Ultimately, only your medical officer in the military entrance processing can approve or deny your qualification to serve in the military. But it is important to know what to expect. Here are the most surprising medical conditions that'll disqualify you from service. 

Eczema or Acne

If you have one pimple on your chin, don't freak, you will likely still pass qualifications. However, severe acne that is treated by antibiotics or other medications is likely a cause to be denied from service. If you are undergoing Accutane, you will have to wait eight weeks after the completion of the medical treatment. 

It is also a possibility to be disqualified due to having eczema. This is because if flare-ups on the face, neck, wrists, or hands can spread and interfere with the use of a mask. Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with eczema after the age of eight, you will likely be denied access to serving for your country. 

Flat Feet

The reasoning behind being denied due to flat feet is the requirement of running fast and long distances. The military service believes that because of this high standard of physical fitness, someone with flat feet cannot perform as adequately as someone who does not suffer from this condition. 

People who serve are taught to run on their toes to absorb the impact, rather than the knees, skin, and back. People who have flat feet will not be able to do so. Definitely not something you would think of, though, right? This is one of the most underrated medication conditions that'll disqualify you from service. 

Unhealthy Teeth

The military wants their participants to have healthy teeth in order to ensure that they will have a normal diet. Basically, you can't have bad teeth if you want to serve. 

Along with healthy teeth, they expect you have to have natural ones; therefore dental implant systems that have had complications are terms to be denied. Also, braces could temporarily prevent you from serving. 

Though this is a surprising disqualification, it is said that you have to have some pretty bad teeth to be denied. 

Any Type of Genitalia Abnormalities

When it comes to your genitalia, the military has a bunch of reservations. Cause for female disqualifications include: abnormal bleeding, hermaphroditism, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterus enlargement, and genitalia defects. 

As for men: undescended testicles, epididymitis, penis amputation, absence of both testicles, prostatitis, and defects of the genitalia. There has even been a situation where a male was disqualified for having testicles that were too big. 

Unusual Height, Weight, or Build

Believe it or not, you cannot be below or above a certain height, weight, and body build to join the military, for obvious reasons. However, the requirements are pretty broad; men cannot be below 60 inches or over 80, while women cannot be below 58 inches or over 80. 

Weight is a little more complicated because it is considered with your height. It is mostly determined by the muscle to body fat ratio; while your build is denied if you have a deficient muscular development that could result in the incompletion of training


While allergies are clearly taken seriously when considering approval, being allergic to bees is not typically a concern in someone's daily life. However, the history of anaphylaxis to stinging insects is a reason for denial. 

Allergies to common foods or spices are also grounds for disqualification. Allergies are one of the most underlooked medical conditions that'll disqualify you from service. 

Organ Transplant

If you are an organ transplant recipient, you will likely be denied to serve. In fact, any type of surgery can be the reason behind disqualification. 

Spinal Condition

Mostly any abnormality of the spine will cause you to be denied by the military. This includes any deviation of curvature from normal alignment, structure, or function. Even arthritis of the spine is means for denial as well as weak or painful back support. 

Spinal conditions can interfere with wearing equipment or uniform and can prevent the individual from successful physical activity. 

Sensitive Skin

This is an entire list of disqualifying medical skin conditions, and you'll be surprised by a bunch of them. Scars, burns, tattoos, warts, and fungus infections are all means for denial.

However, these conditions are only worth being concerned about if they are extreme cases. For example, burns that involved a total body area of 40 percent or scars that required skin graft donors. But, tattoos that have not been personally approved by military regulations can lead to disqualification. 

Mood Disorder

Last, if you have ever in your life been admitted to a hospital or residential facility because of a mood, anxiety, neurotic, or dissociative disorder, you will be denied access to serving for your country. 

This includes care by any mental health professional for an extensive time, about six months — or really any symptom that has resulted in impaired efficiency in any social, school, or work environment in the past. 

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Surprising Medical Conditions That'll Disqualify You From Service
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