With powerful aircraft and fearless fighters, the Air Force is always armed and ready to lift off and fight from above.

Mary Parker5 months ago
Being a Brat
Most people seem shocked when I ask: "What do you mean by where I'm from? As in hometown? Where was I last? Where I call home?" More seem even more shocked when I answer with my hometown, Misawa Air B...
Jake Pine6 months ago
Questions to Ask Before Joining the Air Force
When thinking about what military branch to enlist in, many people tend to overlook the Air Force. There are a few reasons for this, chief among them being the lack of all time great war movies dealin...
J.N. Lira6 months ago
What's It Like to Have a Significant Other in the Air Force?
“What’s it like to have a significant other in the Air Force?” is a common question people ask me. I go through a series of answers in my head that sounds a lot like this: “I hate being so far apart.”...
Kevin Moses6 months ago
Best Three
As the plane slammed down on the tarmac in Albuquerque, I came to the swift realization there would be a significant shift in my existence. I was in the largest “metropolis” in New Mexico and the sens...
Jamie Lisztomania7 months ago
Military Men
Unpopular opinion time. I don’t care, I’m gonna say it anyway. I spent five years in active duty with the Air Force. (Do not thank me). That’s not why I’m here. America seems to be under this illusion...
billy boyles9 months ago
Bull Balls
Have you ever reached the point in your life where you think to yourself, man, I have phucked this shit up? Know what I mean? The feeling that, you had your chances. For work. For love. For life. And ...