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Jennifer White13 days ago
5 Challenges Females May Face in the Army
When I first joined the Army, I had very few ideas about what to expect. While I’m not the first in my family to enter the military, I am the first female. On top of this, the family that I did know w...
Anita Powell2 months ago
Women in the Military
Being a woman in the military
Vagabond Bundy2 months ago
Sh!tting Tactically 101
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James Killmer2 months ago
The Combat Glider
World War II
Tim Brooks3 months ago
Kicking Pennies in the Rain
The Corps probably has—it probably had long before I’d gotten there, too—I don’t know what punishments the cadets inflict upon themselves today, but in 2002 the approved method of masochism were area ...
Margaret Minnicks3 months ago
Memorial Day: A Misunderstood Federal Holiday
People have no problem celebrating Memorial Day, which falls on the last Monday in May every year. If you ask ten people what the federal holiday is all about, sadly nine of them will give you the wro...
Simon Mcbride5 months ago
Blood and Mud
Thud. Crack. Thud. The whistles and drones of the artillery whooshing overhead were nauseating. Whilst they had long ago become familiar sounds, they had never become comforting ones. Relatively new s...
Jonathan Bowler5 months ago
Are You a Leader?
Through nearly 13 years of military service, I have held many positions. While on Army active duty from 2006 to 2009, I got field sanitation certified, ATGM certified, Combatives Level 1 certified, an...
Bill Shaffir7 months ago
How to Become an Army Recruiter
The United States Army Recruiting Command's (USAREC) motto is “Provide The Strength;” and to do this, the army demands aspiring recruiters to meet set high standards before they can become an Army rec...
Darrius Dickerson8 months ago
Peace in the Middle East
Approaching the seventh anniversary of my “Freedom Day” (when I got out of the service), it seems fitting that I would take some time to reflect on a few more of my memories from that experience. Almo...
Darrius Dickerson9 months ago
The Desert's for Startin' Over
I finally cheated on my diet. After about a month and a half of vigorously avoiding meat, the inevitable happened. Sadly, it wasn’t even something sexy, like most of us “Broccoli Heads” cheat with. In...
Ferguson Hunter10 months ago
Ordinary Men
As the bullets slammed into the side of his vehicle; Team Leader Chris called into his radio: “Hello Zero, this is Charlie One Two, Contact, Wait Out.” Releasing the Press To Talk (PTT) on the radio m...
Jonathan Bowler10 months ago
From Frontlines to Heavy Books
“INCOMING! GET ON THE FLOOR!” This is how nearly all military movies portray war. You are sleeping in your bunk/cot/bed, and suddenly someone is screaming to get down. Perhaps in the very beginning of...
Iraqi Coffee
I often joked after my 12 months “In Country” that I was on the brink of diabetes, after a few months of back to back meetings with the Iraqi Army (IA), and IP’s. Fortunately, that was not the case; d...
“When the Smoke Starts to Clear...”
Mission Critical SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for besties (mejores amigos/amgias)- Code blue/Código Azul: Los amigos (o amigas). Friendship sustaining activities/chats. Ex. include: Lunch/coffe...
A Soldier Who Flew Higher...
As I walked through the already opened door, I felt that my tears were hotter than the rest of my body. I looked down to see one ladybug jumping from person to person as they entered the room. Right a...
Sean Romeroa year ago
Anxiety and Depression = 22
22, that's the number on average a day veterans take their lives. While we are inundated with that number whenever we have an event, or get ready to deploy, for some that number is just that, a number...
Randy Sinclaira year ago
The Nest
To feel the cold wind across my cheeks would tend to be a pleasurable experience in most cases, but not in this one. The wind only makes the reminder of where I am and where I have been for the past w...