Sometimes, the clothes do make the man; a look at the various military uniforms and tactical gear that provide necessary protection, safety and camouflage to the troops.

Jake Pine22 days ago
The Most Powerful Military Nations in the World in 2017
The most powerful military nations in the world in 2017 are determined by a number of factors, with the two most relevant being budget and active personnel. Who spends the most is a good rule of thumb...
Iain Bakera month ago
In Defence of the Tank # 4: WW2 - Part 1
In the last article we explored tanks and armoured warfare in the First World War. We also explored the first anti-armour weapons and tactics. Tank technology developed rapidly in the inter war years,...
George Nekilan3 months ago
Complete Civilians Guide to Military Watches
How do you think those in the military view navigation, coordinate tactical maneuvers, or even estimate ranges? Built to outlast the toughest events, wether it be dirt, grime, tough climates, and even...
Iain Baker4 months ago
In Defence of the Tank #3: WW1 Part 2 - The Arms Race Begins.
In the last article, we investigated the introduction of the tank and its premature battlefield debut at The Battle of Flers-Courcelette. By introducing the MK1 tank too early, and in numbers too few,...
Iain Baker5 months ago
In Defence of the Tank #1: Introduction
Some people have claimed that the tank has had its day, and that tanks are no longer needed on the modern battlefield, when all we are fighting these days are insurgents. Some of these people have als...