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How-tos for patriots of any military persuasion; how to enlist, endure bootcamp, help out from the homefront, and beyond.

Iggy Paulsen6 days ago
How to Enlist in the Army Special Forces
The Army Special Forces is one of the most highly respected military branches in the world, and as we all know, Uncle Sam is always looking for a few more good men. The thing is, enlisting in the US A...
Matt Ga month ago
Shipping APO/AE
Military Mail is a vital communication link with members of our armed forces. All Military Mail is treated as domestic mail, even if the destination is a foreign country. This means that even though t...
Stephi O'Connell4 months ago
The Stresses of Planning a Wedding With a Military Man
It is wonderful to finally find the man of your dreams. It is even more wonderful knowing that he is not only perfect to you but amazing to this country. My fiancé is in the Navy and gets deployed six...
Ryan Epps4 months ago
How to Not Go Broke When You Return From Deployment
Though what to know before deployment, in itself, can be difficult and stressful, coming back home can be even worse. There's family to worry about, house and car payments to deal with, plus a host of...