marine corps

The Marine Corps - the military arm of the US Navy. A country's fate and freedom lies in the hands of this band of brothers and sisters.

Stephen Cleary19 days ago
What Are the Requirements for Joining the Marine Corps?
The requirements for joining the US Marine Corps are not extensive or complicated. However, when considering this path in life, it's important to become acknowledged in the first steps toward doing so...
Erika Solazzoa month ago
It's Finally Time
“Please, I need you here to tell me everything will be alright.” “Jesse, are you alright?” He stayed silent. But Chelsea knew something was wrong. Jesse was rarely this quiet. As she went to put her a...
Hannah Beatona month ago
To the College Girl Dating a Military Man
We Marine Corps girlfriends have been lying to you. We tell you that while our recruit is in boot camp it gets easier. That’s not true. It never gets easier. You learn how to cope with how you are fee...
Brian Taylor2 months ago
The Journey to Enlistment: Part 1
Imagine: You're laying comfortably in your bed, snuggled deeply into your pillow and blanket. Perhaps you're asleep in the fetal position, drooling heavily from the bottle of Jack you downed the night...
Amaris Sanders3 months ago
How I Made My Dreams Come True
I want to write about my experience when I made a big dream of mine come true. So, it was 2012, I was a sophomore in high school, and I joined my schools JROTC program. Now, for those who are not sure...
Donald Gray4 months ago
What Are the Marine Corps Ranks?
Ever wondered how war works? Was there a time when you were confused by the military's ranking system? Or, ever asked your USMC buddy: "What are the Marine Corps ranks?" It can be especially difficult...
Jacqueline Hanikeh4 months ago
History of the Marine Corps
Some of us know almost everything about the Marine Corps. What they do, how long they serve, etc. But, what about their history? Where did the Marine Corps really come from? Most of us don't know the ...
Ossiana Tepfenhart4 months ago
Things You May Not Know About the US Marine Corps
For many people in the military world, joining the USMC was the best decision they ever made in their lives. They eat, sleep, and breathe military life — and they absolutely love it. For others, it's ...
Cato Conroy4 months ago
What Is a Devil Dog?
If you listen to historians, war has never seen a military branch as fearsome as the Devil Dogs. It's a phrase featured in war movies, books about dangerous army missions, motivational posters involvi...