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Jennifer York4 months ago
John A. Rawlins
Prudence: Do you not find sometimes, as if those things were vanquished, which at other times are your perplexity? —John Bunyan, Pilgrim's Progress The complicated, historically important relationship...
Jennifer Yorka year ago
Custer's Last Stand Museum
In the little town of Garryowen, Montana, there's a small museum with a big past. This was the site of the famed Battle of the Little Bighorn. Garryowen sits on what used to be the camp of Sioux chief...
Kenans Caunea year ago
Of War
Also, known as the Prince of the Brigade, Tommy Prince was a Native American who was born in Manitoba, Canada in 1914. Tommy at an early age was forced to drop out of elementary school to feed his 11 ...
Aaron Loftina year ago
Julius Caesar and the Historiography of the Battle of Alesia
Many historians have said that out of his entire life time, his best military achievement in Gaul was winning the Battle of Alesia. What makes this feat extraordinary is the scale and determination of the battle’s two opposing sides, but in what way did Caesar describe the battle of Alesia? On the side of the Gallic armies, an Arverni man named Vercingetorix led a rebellion against Rome bringing many of the tribes of Gaul together in a united front. Being that Gaul was a Roman province and Juliu...
Dominic Martina year ago
Are Aircraft Carriers Needed in Today's Modern Navies?
On Monday, June 26, HMS Queen Elizabeth finally set sail for testing after years of setbacks. While HMS Queen Elizabeth is being tested in the North Sea, there is a huge possibility that Russia will b...