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The 10 Best US Military Podcasts

The best US military podcasts are perfect for history buffs, veterans, and military fans alike.

There are plenty of reasons to be proud of our veterans. Their hard work, dedication, and bravery serve as the backbone of this great country. The exploits of our military have made for great stories over the years—be it television specials, movies, or even old wartime books.

One of the newer mediums of military content consumption comes courtesy of the best US military podcasts. The podcast circuit, as a whole, has grown exponentially over the past few years, so it shouldn't really come as a shock that there are some interesting ones about the US military. Let's take a look at some of the best of the best, so whether you're driving to work or just going for a jog, you'll have a little inspiration for your day.

American Military History Podcast by Justin Johnson

The first podcast to break in this list is the American History Podcast, one of the more intriguing military podcasts hosted by Justin Jackson (not to be confused with the former North Carolina Tarheels shooting guard). This podcast details every war America has ever been involved in—from the lesser-known Black Hawk War to the infamous Civil War. It's told through the perspective of an American war veteran, which gives it a realistic, almost conversational feel.

Civil War Talk Radio by Gerry Prokopowicz

If we're getting into the topic of super-engaging podcasts about the United States military, then we can't gloss over Civil War Talk Radio. The podcast, which started up back in 2004 as an actual radio show, gets into the real nitty-gritty when it comes to the Civil War, and includes some pretty interesting tidbits you probably didn't learn in school. The show's guests include scholars and Civil War experts that are obviously pretty well-read on the topic. In terms of military history podcasts, this one should be right at the top of everybody's list.

The American War by The Washington Post

Going a little further down the timeline, we have a podcast that recaps another one of the more infamous wars in America—the Vietnam War. The American War podcast, courtesy of The Washington Post, is a documentary-style show hosted by Alyssa Rosenberg. The podcast is actually a recap of the documentary The Vietnam War, produced by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. Rosenberg chats with the two, and goes over some of the key details of the documentary. If you're interested in learning more about the reasons behind the mass protesting of the Vietnam War as well as other details, this is definitely a good place to start. You might want to actually watch the documentary first though. You know, because of spoilers and what not.

The Military Spouse Show by Krista Wells

Some of the biggest fans of the troops are, unsurprisingly, military spouses. It is certainly not easy to endure the day-to-day mental anguish and anxiety of a devoted military spouse, so in terms of coping, this is a great podcast for that particular demographic. Military spouses have a chance to learn from people in the exact same boat as them, making it a relatable—and reliable—podcast.

National Defense Magazine by the National Defense Magazine Staff

Military veterans and history buffs alike can agree on one thing—the National Defense Magazine podcast is enlightening to those interested in military technology and, more specifically, their defense systems. The podcast focuses on some of the most intriguing articles from the magazine of the same name, but breaks them down in a comprehensive and layered manner.

The Civil War: A History Podcast by Richard Youngdahl

In addition to Civil War Talk Radio, we have the Civil War: A History Podcast, another great podcast for Civil War enthusiasts/historians. One of the best history podcasts on this list, The Civil War is hosted by Richard Youngdahl, and covers the war from start to finish. For those looking for a linear podcast that essentially mirrors a television documentary series, and includes some of the bloodiest battles fought in American history, definitely check this one out.

Global Recon by Global Recon

The Global Recon podcast is interesting, given that it goes a bit into the British Army as well. The podcast is hosted by civilian John Hendricks, the owner/operator of Global Recon, and Chantel Taylor, a former British Army Combat Medic who was also the first British woman to kill an enemy in combat. The pairing of the two personalities makes for an interesting hour and a half, to say the least, and has proven to be a formula that works wonders as far as what military podcasts cover.

Mandatory Fun by We Are The Mighty

Mandatory Fun might be an outlier, in terms of the other podcasts on this list. This particular show blends military trends and pop culture, making for an informative, yet fun couple of hours.

The podcasts hosts include Air Force veteran Blake Stilwell, Army veteran Logan Nye, and Navy veterans Tim Kirkpatrick and Orvelin Valle, otherwise known as O.V. If you're in the market for a far more lighthearted take on the military, you should definitely check this one out.

Drinkin' Bros by Mat Best, Jarred Taylor, Ross Patterson, and Evan Hafer

Speaking of lighthearted, Drinkin' Bros, hosted by Mat Best, Jarred Taylor, Ross Patterson, and Even Hafer, definitely fits that bill. If you're unfamiliar with those names, they're the guys in the movie Range 15, a horror/comedy movie about some veterans that wake up to a zombie apocalypse after a night of intense partying (it might not be considered one of the best modern military movies, but it's certainly entertaining, nonetheless). Of all the military podcasts, this one probably has the LEAST to do with the actual military, so if you're expecting anecdotes and facts about the Korean War or the Marine Corps, don't get your hopes up. This will feel more like a frat party with some Army bros than anything else.

SOFREP Radio by Special Ops Radio

Last but not least, we have SOFREP Radio, courtesy of Special Ops Radio. Co-hosted by Army Ranger/Green Beret Jack Murphy and award-winning radio producer Ian Scotto, SOFREP focuses mostly on special operations military news. This podcast is definitely a bit more serious than the last two, but it's serious tone doesn't hinder it from being one of the best US military podcasts out there.

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