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The Reasons Soldiers Hate on the Marines Will Shock You

The Army and the Marine Corps both serve for our country, but did you know that there are reasons soldiers hate on the Marines? Check out what Marine aspects tick off soldiers.

All of the United States Armed Forces are there to protect and serve the country. Through battles and wars, these individuals who are enlisted in the United States Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard are brave enough to fight and defend their freedom as a citizen of America. They risk their lives in battle in order for our country to conquer a battle. And as for us, citizens of America, we respect and appreciate what these brave individuals do for our country, given how much risk and courage it takes for them to go out there and defend our country. And while the Armed Forces are basically a team, the US Army hates the Marine Corps, believe it or not.

You would have never thought that any of the Armed Forces despised the other, because they're all basically a team. They all go out there and fight in battle against opposing countries. But it's true, there are reasons why the Army hates the Marine Corps. If you're wondering what and why, these are the reasons soldiers hate on the Marines. Be aware, many of these reasons are pretty shocking.

The soldiers clean up after the Marines.

The Marine Corps is always the first to fight. Which means they're the first group who goes in the battle sight like a village in a foreign country. The Marines are known to destroy things here and there, and even anger those living in the village.

And since the Army comes second, everything gets blamed on them. If a Marine lit a village house on fire, accidentally or purposely, a soldier will get the blame. Or if a group of Marines were harassing a family, the soldiers have fingers pointed at them. Basically, the soldiers are the ones always cleaning up after the Marines, even if the soldiers didn't do anything. And this is one of the many things you may not know about the US Marine Corps.

The Marines complain about funding.

While the Marines complain about funding is among the reasons soldiers hate on the Marines, the soldiers themselves don't have much in their pockets either. Other than the Air Force who must be equipped with airplanes and everything else that goes with them, many of the Armed Forces aren't provided with top-quality gear.

Even though some of the soldiers in the Army have better weapons and gear than other soldiers and Marines, they're all basically broke from not having enough funds. This means that the Marines don't have the right to complain about lack of gear, because the Army is in the same boat (no pun intended).

The Marines believe they're better than the rest.

This is a major one out of the reasons soldiers hate on the Marines—the Marines love to brag. Since it's known that the Marines are the first to fight, they view themselves as better than the rest. Better than the Navy, Air Force, Army—all of them.

They also boost their own egos by mentioning how much more fitted they are compared to the rest; how Marine Corps training camps are much tougher than the rest. This resulted in toughening and increasing strength in every single Marine in the Marine Corps. However, the Army, and everyone else in the Armed Forces, claim that they're all a team who are there to defend and protect America.

They have navy blue uniforms.

Many of the Armed Forces hate on the Marine Corps' uniform—especially the Army. Even though Marines' uniforms are a stunning, navy blue outfit, the soldiers hate the fact that they don't change. They always stick to their clean-looking, blue dress uniform.

Unlike the Marine Corps, the Army is seen changing their dress uniforms every year. That's one of the reasons soldiers hate on the Marines, because the Marines don't have to change their dress uniforms. 

The Marines take everything so seriously.

The Marines are seen to take everything so seriously from the eyes of a soldier. Sure, they're the first ones called into battle, they're the ones undergoing brutal training, and every Marine is a rifleman, but they're seen to take what they do too literal. Many soldiers hate that about the Marines.

Like I've mentioned before, all of the Armed Forces are a team when it comes to battle and defending America, but soldiers view the Marines to take everything so seriously. Aside from going into battle, they take their pride seriously, too, especially because they're enlisted in the Marine Corps.

Soliders hate their haircuts.

Among the reasons soldiers hate on the Marines is their haircuts. Every soldier laughs at the Marine Corps haircuts. The majority of them have mohawk haircuts while the soldiers have buzzcuts. And the only reason why soldiers hate the Marines' haircuts is because... they look stupid.

There isn't a solid reason for this, yet it's a way soldiers use to mock the Marines. They view their buzzcuts to be more professional when it comes to combat than mohawks. Plus, soldiers don't have to use shampoo when showering—another reason to make fun of the Marines' haircuts.

Every Marine is a combat specialist.

Lastly, of the reasons soldiers hate on the Marines, every single Marine considers themselves as combat specialists. No matter who they are in the Marine Corps, every single Marine is a rifleman. They can do jet tech to even taking apart a large amount of weapons, then putting them back together and have them work right.

Overall, every Marine considers themselves as a combat specialist. Only a small part of the Army are specialists, something you should know before joining the Army. So, soldiers hate the idea that the Marines were better trained and basically act cocky about it.

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The Reasons Soldiers Hate on the Marines Will Shock You
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