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“When the Smoke Starts to Clear...”

“...Their Position's Near”

Baqubah, Iraq (Circa era ‘09)

Mission Critical SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for besties (mejores amigos/amgias)-

  1. Code blue/Código Azul: Los amigos (o amigas). Friendship sustaining activities/chats. Ex. include: Lunch/coffee; "Recoil therapy"; and album listening parties.
  2. Code orange/naranja: *Life* sustaining chat needed (The Fray). Helpful Hint: Listen *actively* (Do NOT talk over your buddy; do ask pertinent questions; and definitely offer empathy/sympathy).
  3. Code red/Rojo: "No sh*t", this is "Real World"; NOT an "Exercise." Ex. include: SOS-"Save Our Ship" (not technically accurate); BHD- Bravo Hotel Delta (emergency "landing"), wherein QRF (Quick Reaction Force) may/may not be on standby; and/or Supplies/Morale critical (low on water/ammo/food).
  4. Code yellow/amarillo: Love interests are involved/desired (positive light). Ex. include: "I have dates for the two of us"; "I need a date"; and "I have a potential for you."
  5. Code white/blanco: There's finna be "a beautiful death." Bring your tools and let's team up to "hammer" this problem out. (Sidenote- Violence as an absolute LAST resort.)
  6. Code black/negro: New life.
  7. Code purple/morado: General kudos are in order. Ex. include: Graduations; initial properties; Freedom from Uncle Sam.
  8. Code green/verde: General reference to La familia. Ex. include: "The Fam's throwing something. Hope to see you there."
  9. Code sky blue/azul cielo: "We need to settle this like Grunts and roll in the grass til we have a 'mutual understanding'." Spoiler Alert: King T'Challa never yielded. (Sidenote- Do NOT kill your bestie in "ritual combat." Make each other tougher, bond, and commit to better communication in the future. [Side, Sidenote: General guidelines to follow at another time. For now, NO ankle locks.]) If either party is unable/unwilling to physically fight, prudent alternatives are acceptable; preferably Chess (the only game that really matters).
  10. Code brown/marrón: "We've been sh*t on" and/or "It's time to serve some knuckle sandwiches." (Same sidenote as Code White/blanco.)
  11. Code pink/rosa: Variable/Audible/Contingency plan #1 (Plan Bravo/B). Ex. include: "Pop smoke! It's too many of them." Or, "Our position is compromised! Back to Rally Point #4!"
  12. Code gray/gris: Variable #2 (like Code Pink, though less cool).

*End transference.*

Prayerfully this general guideline keeps you from losing a bestie/more besties. “Godspeed, Rebels!”

Inspiration credit: Lou "Cognito" G. (aka LG); and The DMV’s own, Oddisee. “May the Force be with you.”

(Abridged version to follow.) 

*** Vital Elements to the Success of an “Operation” ***

Primary lesson learned from being a (former) Grunt—There are three factors that play a vital role in pretty much any and every "operation." In no particular order:

  1. Mutual support- Even the most elite soldiers that technically don't exist won't go behind enemy lines "solo-dolo," as the young folks say. She/he will have at least one other "trigger-puller," or TOC (Tactical Operations Center) behind him.
  2. Effective comms- Without decent communication between the aforementioned elite soldiers, and/or the TOC, there can generally be little hope of accomplishing the mission, or even making it "Back to The World." Whether it be faulty equipment, inadequate communication skills, or Heaven forbid, both, "Miscommunication leads to complications."- MLH.
  3. Superior Intel- This is arguably the entire point of the infamous Art of War by Sun Tzu. If you have the most up-to-date and accurate information on your "enemy," while he/she has nothing, or worse yet, misinformation on you, may God have mercy on their souls...

P.S.- Two bonus factors:

  1. Directed speed- "Slow is smooth; smooth is fast; and fast is deadly." There are perhaps no more invaluable "force multipliers" than well trained snipers, who almost invariably deliver accurate and timely fire to their targets; as well as largely current, and frequent enemy Sitreps to the TOC.
  2. Apt execution- "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." We must never become so preoccupied with developing a "plan of action" that we miss the opportunity to take action. In short, there will ideally be some sort of balance.

Edit: "Adequate planning" & “Decent equip.” coming soon.

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“When the Smoke Starts to Clear...”
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